Friday, May 1, 2009

Vegan - Breakfast

Probably the easiest meal of the day to go vegan. I am so crap at eating fruit I have to do it at breakky otherwise I will not eat it during the rest of the day (unless it’s a fruit crumble yum, or sometimes I'm good and pack a fruit snack for work). I cant function without eating breakfast, seriously, its hard enough for me to have a shower before I eat, I also ride 12kms to work so I need a shitload of calories before I leave the house (especially in this cold weather), cooking yourself breakfast is the nicest thing you can do for yourself and your body. It should be the largest meal you eat in your day. Each meal should get smaller as the day goes by.

*Porridge - BEST. I chop up apples, dates, almonds, berries and toss it in a handful of oats cooked in rice milk with a dash of honey. YUM. (yes I eat honey - I'm not sure how I feel on the whole insect thing, what are your views? The vegans I know are about half and half on the honey issue) OR I usually have a pot of brown rice on the go, throw a handful of brown rice in with some rice milk, a cinnamon stick, sultanas and toasted flaked almonds. So good.

* Toast! So good, I heart heart peanut butter and honey (peanuts are an awesome source of protein), avocado and tomato with a squeeze of lemon juice and salt and pepper, baked beans, mushrooms and spinach drizzled with a little tahini, sesame seeds and olive oil, its endless!

* Cereal - seriously yo, rice milk is the shit. Stop chugging that god awful soy milk. Its gross.

* Scrambled tofu. Grab some medium firm tofu and cook it up just like you used to scramble eggs. My favs, fry up some onion and pine nuts, chuck in the tofu and 'scramble' a pinch of salt, some flavouring of some kind (I love harissa paste or sumac or a bit of curry powder to take the tofuness out of the tofu), some fresh spinach and chopped up sun dried tomatoes. Serve on toast. TOO GOOD.

*Soyghurt - I usually use whatever fruits lying around (much the same as my combo for porridge), chuck in some raw porridge oats. This is so low GI and filling I'm nowhere near hungry till well after midday eating this for breakfast. Add a dash of vanilla if you find the taste of the soyghurt a bit too much in the beginning.

*Juice it up bitches - you're poor? So what. Get a hand juicer, you can pick one up for about 10 bucks. Grab a bag of oranges. Hand juice a couple of oranges each day. Does wonders WONDERS for your immune system and already that’s one of your two daily serves DONE. If you can afford a juicer (check on ebay for one in your area - this is Australia everyones always moving overseas - I got most of my appliances for under $50 on ebay) doing a vegie or fruit juice everyday will help with your lymphatic and immune system and give you sexy healthy glowing skin.

*Pancakes - shit.yeah. A tablespoon of sugar, half a cup of flour, enough rice milk until you have a thick batter, go nuts! Grilled banana on top? Chuck some berries/shredded coconut in the mixture before putting in the pan, toast up some walnuts, sprinkle some icing sugar, slather in maple syrup (get the 100% pure canadian, go on don’t do things half arsed - so few things are NATURALLY TOTALLY VEGAN and SO AMAZING), slice some apples or grab some berries, cook them in some sugar an water until soft and put on top, you can make so many different toppings! (this applies for waffles too if you're fancy and have a waffle maker.. And CREPES! YUM!)

Replacements: Milk: Coconut milk or rice milk (or begrudginly soy milk), eggs: tofu, bacon: facon, yoghurt: soyghurt, butter: I use the olive oil based nuttelex though there are some margarines that are totally vegan (you have to read the labels real hard though) best to stick with nuttelex or olive oil (I use olive oil on toast all the time)

Any other suggestions?


  1. All-fruit for breakfast is scrumptious and sticks to the ribs!

    Home made Almond milk is delicious and easy to make. Soak 250g Australian almonds in water for 24-48 hours. Drain and rinse. Put half in a blender with 1 litre of water. Whirr up well. Scoop off froth into clean jug, put rest of blender contents through a sieve. Allow to drain and put that milk in with the froth (otherwise you strain the froth out and it's wasted). Repeat for the other nuts. No need to add sugar, dates or vanilla. Tastes wonderful. You get a bit of sediment but it's quite edible. Stir before serving.

  2. wow YUM! thanks for the recipe!!!! xox


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