Monday, May 25, 2009

accidentally vegan

Copied over from (the now defunct) K Blog and added to a wee bit from me (I've gone cross eyed from reading the Bakers Delight ingredients list), a list of all things gloriously accidentally Vegan, available in Australia. The Facebook page "vegan products you can buy in Australia" is also an excellent resource!

* Oreos
* Arnotts Lemon Crisps
* Arnotts raspberry shortcake biscuits
* Arnotts Nice biscuits
* Hob Nobs biscuits
* Home Brand ginger nuts
* Eskal scottish shortbread
* Aldi spekulatius biscuits
* Digestives (Plain)

* Guylian Solitaire
* Lindt 70% Dark
* Whittakers 50% cocoa dark chocolate
* Whittakers 50% cocoa rum and raisin dark chocolate
* Whittakers 62% cocoa almond dark chocolate
* Cottees thick and rich chocolate topping
* Coles strawberry topping
* Coles choc mint crunch lollies

* Quick set Aeroplane Jelly
* Skittles
* Starburst Jellybeans
* Sherbies (lollies)
* Nannas Lite Apple Pies
* Pez bonbons
* Woolworths brand Jelly Babies (!!)

Frozen Food
* Birds Eye Corn Fritters
* Coles and Audi brand onion rings
* Safeway brand garlic bread
* Pampas filo pastry and spring roll pastry (cholesterol free version)
(a lot of the potato products are, and there's these rad curry puffs but I need to get the name and brand)

* Praise fatfree mayo
* Masterfoods traditional tatare sauce
* Masterfoods Bacon flavoured chips
* Coles brand 97% fat free mayo
* Coles brand 97% fat free dijionaise

Junk Food
* Coles salt and vinegar chips
* Shapes BBQ flavour

Bakers Delight
* Potato and sunflower mini cob
* Pumpkin and sunflower seed roll
* All white and spelt plain loaves
* All white rolls
* Foccacia - herb and garlic large & small
* Rodini - Sweet Chilli Mustard and Sesame
* All bread with 'continental' in the title (minus the one with parmesan in it)
* Cialini, Turkish and Ciabatta are ok
* All Pani di Casa

If you have anymore please let me know!

Last updated 10th August 2011


  1. Walkers potato crisps - bacon and roast chicken flavours - suitable for vegetarians (last time I ate them I wasn't vegan... so will check again, but I think so).
    Available at Treats From Home, Collins St (above Dymocks), City. And their online shop.

  2. Hi Carla , Just noticed that Aktavite is still on the list. Just read your response from Myerton regarding it's vegan status so thought you may like to remove it. I drank it for years after being put on to it by a fellow vegan and was pretty upset upon finding out.

  3. thank you!!! I have updated the page

  4. Nice work! Good to see an aussie one of these, since the Peta one has many brands we don't get. Some cool stuff I have discovered recently is my local Coles stocking these adorable gingerbread babies by Erica's Kitchen, which as far as I can tell from the ingredients, are vegan. I also love these new accidentally vegan frozen desserts called Smooze ( made with coconut milk - the pineapple flavour is best because it tastes like Pina Coladas. XD

  5. Coles Salt and Vinegar chips are vegan! Shit yeah! That was a wavering point for me with regular S+V because I loved them and was like "milk in chips? what the shit is this!" but had decided to give them up recently. Glad there is a brand that I can have!

  6. BBQ Shapes are confirmed vegan, I emailed them and the woosty sauce they use does not contain animal products :D

  7. The best margarine which does not contain any Palm Oil is manafactured by Melrose and is available from Health Food Stores

  8. Thank you for the list! I'm actually a vegetarian and am trying to cut out my egg intake. I've found that it's way easier to find out if things are vegan than to ask people if things are vegetarain. Some clowns out there keep announcing they are vegetarians and then eat seafood. Also, with rennet in so many cheeses and gelatin in (almost) all jellies, asking if sometihng is vegan seems like the safest option. I'm not comfortable about calling eggs a vegetarian food so I'm cutting it out where I can. I'm not really a big milk drinker so I think going vegan shouldn't be that hard. I WILL miss the butter/ghee/yogurt though. I would love to try that aeroplane jelly in your list! I miss jellies. Thank you for the list :) Glad I found your blog!

  9. Wow! Thanks for this fantastic list. I have been "going" vegan over the last year and I am almost there. This list and the links to online vegan shops in Australia are really going to help.


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