Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bowl of soul - port melbourne- CLOSED

I work near Port Melbourne and about once a week I go to Bowl of Soul. They are awesome. Its up there with the Vegie Bar as my most faved, consistently good vegie cafe in Melbourne. I usually get the "steak out" sandwich or the "cajun chicken" burger, but the other day I decided to branch out a little and get the "soul on a roll".

Its a faux fish sandwich (wheat gluten, wrapped in nori and pan fried) with a tonne of salad and vegan tartare sauce. Yummo. They make everything themselves, all their desserts, takeaway items like soups and lasagnes. I think the few things they buy is of course the mock meat and the bread rolls. Definitely check them out.

They dont have a website but heres a link to their information and some pretty gushing reviews

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