Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Yes it’s a day late. I had a day off, the second in the 14 months I've been at my job. I needed it. Stricken with a nagging cold that just wont budge for the past couple of weeks I havent really been able to manage doing anything, but here it goes.


Realism - MTC - ok so I was drunk, obnoxious, bored and figety (usually I'm all of those things except drunk). We left at interval. My subscription to MTC has been rewarding though. The Sumner theater is cursed because the two times Clare and I have been there we have walked out at interval. Comments: Miriam Margoyles, wow just wow. Amazing comic timing but seriously it is a wonder of gravity that that woman can stand up right. She is an inverted triangle. I squealed when I realised that one of the actors in it was the guy who voiced Max in the Mad Max remix.

Corky St Clair - shop reopening - Corkys stuff is great and its greater that his shop has been re-opened. The majority of the shop was destroyed by the roof caving in. The construction of the tram super stop on Flinders st fell in on the store. Poor Corky. Go and buy something. The court case continues.


The Retreat - can I go on on record and say I fucking hate the retreat. The locals who monopolise the front bar are complete wankers and the food has gone on a steady decline in the year or so since I first went there. I guess Im always terrified of seeing people I don’t want to see there which adds to my discomfort. A friends birthday. I had the eggplant parma which wasn’t too bad. For $17 its insultingly overpriced. It’s a big bit of eggplant slathered in pasta sauce with some chips and a bit of lettuce with spanish onion.

The Vegie Bar - I'll do a proper post later as I'm going to try to record easily obtainable nice vegan food in Melbs. Clare and I had breakfast there (in all the years I've been there Ive never made it for breakky) I had the vegan french toast which was amazing. Clare had the baked eggs, not so amazing.

Lord of the Fries - dude I have been HOEING into their fake chicken nuggets lately with their satay sauce (yeah yeah I'll end up the side of a house), I've been sick and sooky and deep fried comfort foods, well comforts me. That, its on my way home and the whole perfect boozer food.

Walkers Hot Dogs (outside the doughnut shop cnr Flinders and Elizabeth) they make a mean vegan dog! This was my favourite FAVOURITE part of living in San Francisco was vegie hot dog stands EVERYWHERE. The mustard isnt vegan but most of the other condiments are. Such good late night boozer food! Way better than just getting some hot chips. Its also right next door to Lord of the Fries. Decisions decisions.

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