Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup


Book Club

We discussed the Chocolate War by Robert Cormier, next months book is "The Reader" - if you're interested in attending please let me know!

The Magic Flute - Opera Australia

Be still my beating heart. I took Clare to the opera for her birthday (very very late birthday present - I wanted to wait for the right opera to come along) and it was just as magical and enchanting as I thought it would be. I'm in love. Like I need another eye wateringly expensive habit but I think opera is the one for me. It combines everything I love about going to the theatre, the staging, the high drama, the people watching. It was magical. I cant wait to go again.


Life has been a different navigational experience since going vegan (again). I forgot the hostility that some people have for others who choose to solely eat vegetables. Asian/ "inspired", indian and middle eastern are usually a safe bet to go in un-annouced vegan wise so for my lady wifes belated birthday trips I took her to her restaurant crush, Gingerboy. Boy oh boy was it just exquisite. The waitress, obviously a combination of either new to waitressing or new to Gingerboy, was extremely flummoxed by the word Vegan and didn’t know what it was but we got around it anyway. Salt and pepper tofu, the dreamiest dreamiest green vegie curry I've ever eaten served with coconut rice and the piece de resistance was dessert. Banana slices rolled in sherbet (YES SHERBERT), frittered, served with coconut sorbet that was dreamiest dreamiest creamiest creamiest. The meal was outstanding. The space is *weird*, kinda goes for opium den of the future and doesn’t quite succeed. The tables are *crammed* in there so it is difficult to navigate, the only complaint, $10 for a bottle of sparkling water, yeouch. I went into the kitchen to thank the chefs afterwards and they seemed quite chuffed to be acknowledged. It always pays to be polite but being a heavily tattooed vegan wanker I feel like I need to at least fly the flag for my kind slightly pronounced because some of them can be persnickety arseholes. Gingerboy, I'm sure as a omni you will enjoy it just as much as me.

Von Haus

This was my den of safety last year. Whenever I was feeling frayed at the seams I would perch myself in their window, eat bread with butter and honey and drink little coffees and let the neon Pellegrinis sign melt away my exposed nerve endings. Sadly I cant eat anything there anymore (I guess I could ask for olive oil instead of the butter for the 'afternoon tea'), however, its proximity to Gingerboy and my proclivity for loving it so, the lady wife and I took after dinner vino and conversation in its warm bosom. It gets more enchanting each time.

Seriously, what the FUCK is with the staff there. I realise 'not giving a shit' is 'cool' but I just want something to eat and some wine. Fer reals. When I asked the waitress what was vegan on the menu, she said "all I can say for certain is the vegan antipasto", so I inquired if she could ask about the dips and anything else, she went away and after what seemed like an eon told me that only the vegan antipasto was, I was like "what about the olives?" "I'll ask", "yes they are" "great can I have the olives and some bread on the side please" comes back about 5 minutes later (mind you during this whole time she is smoking and drinking with her friend that is sitting next to the waitress section), 'the chef says that the bread isn't vegan" "well what bread do you serve with the vegan antipasto because you advertise warm bread served with that", she does away and comes back and says "the chef says all bread is not vegan", by then I'm doing my breathing, but essentially just annoyed. I figure just to forget it. The olives were nice. The whole ordering process, no shit, took about 15 minutes with her going back and forth and socialising in between.

The usual suspects all took a hit this week as well, the Walkers Doughnuts hot dog man, Lord of the Fries and a glass of vino at Hells Kitchen.


  1. The staff at degraves suck a big fat one. The further Degraves the cafe sinks into mediocrity, it seems, the more retardedly obnoxious become the wait staff. Like beyond rude, to the realm of brain damaged. Last time I went there I seriously wanted to punch them in the face. All of them. I can be mucho confrontational in public, so when I say this, I am only slightly exaggerating. Also, I am totally fine with wanky, trendy waiters if they are even just a teensy weensy bit friendly and capable of doing their jobs. Wow. I feel better now I have that off my chest.

  2. brain damaged is correct, I dont even care if you're rude ala hells kitchen, just give me some food and some wine with little fuss and as quickly as you can. when are you back btw? are we having a hello you're back party?

  3. Back on the 1st June- I think hello I'm back party will be that weekend- 5th or 6th of June. We have been noshing non-stop, many foodie type tales to tell...


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