Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Crippled and poor this week I didn’t really do anything. I had a big night on Thursday night which meant Friday night I was tucked into bed at 9pm. Saturday and Sunday nights were both taken up with Eurovision.


Royal Nut Company: This place is awesome. I'm basically sick to fucking death of pasta so decided to max out my credit card this week restocking my cupboard. I got an insane amount of stuff for $50 at this place, massive bags of lentils, raw cashews, pecans, sumac, spices, flours, dried cranberries, the shop has over 300 items for sale, get thee to it.


Hellenic Republic

Sure its probably a meat/cheese thing (especially with Greek), I seem to have bumped into this a lot but surely side dishes can be just as good as what they specialise in? Extremely disappointed in Hellenic. We had the marinated peppers (really bland), the potatos (which were basically like fancy seasoned hand cut hot chips, nice but… you know..), the olives (were ok nothing special) and the spinach and rice (which was LOVELY so so so nice!) and Daniel had the fish which he wasn’t too impressed with. Couple all that with some extremely bad coffee and Hellenic was an expensive, bland, boring experience. Our waitress was gorgeous however and the best part of our meal there. I think now I'm re-vegan I'm going to have to stick to Asian inspired. Poo.

Mr Wilkinson

I actually love this place now its becoming more 'lived in', it was just so stark and kind of weirdly sterile when it first opened. Really reasonably priced drinks and they didn’t kick us out till well after 1am Friday morning so troupers for that.

Atticus Finch

The interior to this place just kills me every time. The hipsturds that work there are bearable and even dare I say it, gorgeous on a week night. Such a lovely place to go in winter mid week. So snuggly. So country housey.

Bimbos, Lord of the Fries and of course Bowl of Soul took a beating again this week cant get enough and I also did alot of baking.


  1. I love how you managed to stretch Eurovision across 2 nights. Man, why does the Ukraine never win. Their entries are always total fucking queer genius. Robin and I were even considering relocating our summer holiday to Kiev because everyone seems to be so wacked out from their. (Fittingly, some of their beaches appear to concreted so we will probably stick to Spain :)

  2. yeah yeah I watched the semi final thinking I would leave it at that, but fucked my back so ended up in my underwear on my friends floor drooling due to panadiene fortes red wine and stout... kiev sounds amazing


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