Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

This week: POOR!


Fab. Cheap and cheerful Japanese on Sydney Rd. Iku (which is right across the road) is too expensive for what it is (which is decent Jap), Shinjuku isn't anything totally amazing but it’s a great space, the staff are just gorgeous and you can have a big feed and a beer for $20.


Gorgeous wine bar, would be an absolute BROTHEL on the weekend, well any time outside of when I was there which was 4pm on Thursday. So would be lovely for an afternoon drink, but would be crawling with suits most other times. If you can get in there with no suits totally do it its just beautiful with a great wine list.

Bar Etiquette

How disappointing. The interior is just SO BAD I cant believe it. First of all that sign is just terrible, the sign takes up what seems like half of the frontage. The front bar is ok, its not too bad, the back smoking area feels like I'm sitting in suburban car port at the age of 15 drinking passion pop and the upstairs rooms clearly decorated from a trip to hot potato just made me feel uncomfortable and weird like I was the last one being picked at some suburban swingers party. Too many bad memories from a childhood growing up in southwest Sydney clearly. And clearly its not working because the front bar was empty, upstairs was completely empty (eerie) and outback was packed in with mainly 30 something suburban gal pals slumming it in big bad 'cool' Brunswick. That and its unreasonably overpriced.

The Brunswick Green

We headed to the Brunswick Green to get the bad taste out of our mouths. Seriously, this is the ONLY good bar on Sydney road. How fucking shit is that?! The green was packed to the rafters of nice young things and we drank the night away. It’s a fab fab bar.

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