Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Well, I've been quite the hermit lately actually. I've been really loving being at home, that and I've been spending all my money on ebay and my art projects right now. So I spent most of the weekend at home, cooking and reading and watching the first 2 seasons of Extras (are there anymore after that?)


Vic Markets

I don’t know why I stopped going to be honest. I used to go every Saturday morning, it makes me so happy to be there. The fresh produce, all the nonnas, all the yelling. I love just seeing all the lovely fresh food too. I do get over it however and just bail once my green bag is full. I'll be going every Saturday again I think from now on.

Radical Groceries

Live in Brunswick? Vegan? Into freetrade? Please shop here. I try and buy like $30 worth of stuff a week. Its more expensive but its important to support business ventures like this.



A different experience vegan, which kind of made me sad. I had the pizza for a friend with no goats cheese which was still nice but nothing exciting. They have a license now so you cant byo beer anymore and corkage is $7.50 per bottle of wine.


My obsession will wane soon, its hard though, there's so few nice places to go on Sydney road and its just on the corner of my street. The agedashi tofu was average, had the pumpkin stir fry which was nice and fresh and the nasu dengaku (always my fave) is actually really nice there so it’s a cheap and cheerful win.

The East Brunswick Club

I'd never been there for food, and when organising my Melburnian familia dinner, it was suggested we go there as we have quite a few vegans amongst us. The vegan menu is pretty amazing. From what I can tell they use Toffutti for most of their soy products (Im really getting grossed out by Tofutti, its just so bad for you and my homemade tofu sour cream is much nicer). I shared some wedges with sweet chili and sour cream and I had the "chicken" salad. The East is pretty darn expensive. $8 for bottle of Squire. That’s crazy. And $9 for a pint?! And $17 for basically some lettuce, onion, tomato and shaved cucumber and deep fried glunks of fake chicken? Pretty exe. The salad was really nice though and I tasted a bit of the fake duck salad which was delicious. If you go on $10 Monday, you've got yourself a feast for a really reasonable price. Outside of that I don’t think I'll go there for dinner. I always measure something by the vegie bar, where the average meal is $10 that you can usually share amongst two people and is always so fresh and packed with so much variety of vegies. Surely the Vegie Bar has the most in overheads out of the majority of vege restaurants as well in this city? Anyway, its quality stuff but too rich for my blood. That seems to be Brunswick these days, $17 for a vegan meal that consists of very little ingredients (my gripe with the retreat too).

Mr Wilkinson

Was pretty packed on Friday night but it was nice, bizarro people go there but it wasn’t your usual totally offensive Friday night crowd. Mr W is becoming frequented by me.

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