Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

August: Osage Country

I'm really really enjoying my subscription to the Melbourne Theatre Company (and being under 30 it only cost me $200!!). Clare and I have been to 6 plays so far, 3 have been gobsmacking, one was amusing (but totally won us over because of the set and that Marg Downey was in it SWOON), and the other 2 were just shit (too, boring for us), so I think that is a good wicket. August: Osage Country, staring the supreme dame of the theatre, Robin Nevin, is spell binding, jaw dropping, skin tingling. Tackling a subject that I am most ferocious on, I did not even notice the 3.5 hours I was there (if you know me, you know that I baulk at going to anything with an interval, let alone 2 intervals). Set in the south, surrounding a family in crisis, the play lampoons the Baby Boomers and the barren emotional legacy they are leaving us. Families choosing to die out rather than procreate, to do what we want as opposed to what has been dictated, to live a life of authenticity as opposed to the unexpressed shams that belie most of the marriages of the Boomer Generation. Twists and turns, an amazing set (recycled from Poor Boy which kind of shat me for the first 5 minutes but I soon forgot), a stellar cast, plays like this is the whole reason I go to the theatre. Food for the mind, teething rusk for the heart, I get to play out my subconcious feelings, impart them onto someone else and watch my darkness come true. Go. See. It. Truly truly amazing.

The Union
Book club at the Union this month. A great little pub, good pub food, very little pretention, good music, open fireplace. Was a nice night.

Birdman Eating

Ok little spot. The interior is ok, certainly a bit better than most places Fitzroy/Colllingwood these days. Clare and I shared the Quinoa Porridge (with coconut milk, banana and palm sugar) and the beans on toast. The beans were ok, nothing special (pretty boring actually, just like 3 bean salad mix with a tin of tomatoes thrown in it and some herbs) and the quinoa porridge (although 10 points for such a great idea) was too overwhelming. Nice spot, great service, just nothing that special.

Walkers Hotdog Stand
I love the Walkers Hot Dog man, he is so smily and lovely. Yum.

Lord of the Fries
I was surprised when I realised on Saturday that I had refrained from Lord of the Fries for the week, it of course sewed a seed and I had to have some that day. Curse you LOTF. On a side note, they now sell vegan sausage rolls and pies (I'm almost positive from La Panella). LOTF is seriously becoming vegan corner. Fab.

La Panella Bakery

La Panella rocks. Run by some sort of weird Buddhist vegan cult members (they follow the supreme master - they make some seriously amazing vegan goodies. Pies, sausage rolls, doughnuts, apple scrolls, lemon tarts, jam buns… you want it they make it. Seriously cheap we stocked our freezer for $12 (scary), I had a serious white flour/sugar tummy ache after going there, so not for very often, just once in a while ;).

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  1. This morning my exercise bike broke and now you tell me that LoTF is selling La Panella pies. I am in soooo much trouble. :-P


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