Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup


FBI Fundraiser Roxanne Parlour

Let me set the scene. Carla is quite drunk, Carla is hungry, Carla inhales some Japanese at a speed that frightens the sweet hostess. Carla is pouty that Daniel doesn’t want to go to the only thing that would have been good on Friday night (Swizzle a go go), Daniel being a much larger more insufferable snob than Carla and is harder to get to come around. Daniel scours a Beat, Carla is insistent that she knows exactly what is going on in town and its either the FBI fundraiser or Swizzle (my preference). Too drunk to argue and Roxanne Parlour being around the corner we go. We had just missed the Frowning Clouds (the only reason why I wanted to go - oh and you know.. Altruism) and there was hardly anyone there. Stroppy, like real stroppy at that point because I had been proven RIGHT and shitty that we hadnt gone to Swizzle, I flopped on a couch, got really surly and complained a lot. We left after seeing like 4 songs from the Hot Little Hands (good band btw). Hilarity ensued.

Abbotsford Cycles

I had been doing up a bike frame, and seriously, bike people seem to be the worse fucking snobs on the planet. Like Brunswick St Cycles BSC) those people are just fucking RANK. I will NEVER go back there again, what rude utter wankers. Cycle places in Brunswick fare better, Lygon st cycles are fab and so are Rays, real helpful polite staff. I took this frame that had a crack in it to Abbotsford, they specialise in bike repair (they don’t sell bikes) and they were the only people who would a: listen to me about the frame without instantly dismissing it and b: gave me very polite pragmatic advice about the frame and c: said they could fix it if I was willing to after weighing up the options. This dudes are the fucking shit, hands down. Go there.


Breakfast. Clare had poached eggs and I had avocado and braised mushrooms. We both had short blacks (excellent coffee). Served on Dench bread this is breakfast at its most simple and finest. Theres been a lot of hot debate over this café on all the Melbourne food blogs, it probably made a massive difference that we went late Wednesday morning as opposed to the stressed rush of Saturday morning, but the service was charming and they were very vegan accommodating. Mental note, next time I'm just going to order the full breakfast and a side order of toast for Clare and I, that way she can eat the eggs and the feta and me the avo and mushrooms (she hates both). I would highly recommend Gingerlee and I'm happy we've found another good place in Brunswick to eat breakfast.

Red Hummingbird

Guys, as Ive said a lot, everywhere is a brothel on Friday night after work and I'm an insanely caustic northside snob. I'd always written off Red Hummingbird as some wanker place, full of suits to be avoided. Its quite simply, charming. Snob 0 Melbourne 1. The interior is *stunning*, the staff friendly, the beer selection excellent and the roof top smoking area is *gorgeous*. Yeah it filled up with probably *less desirable* types on a Friday night but I never really noticed. I'm glad I went, like really glad. It would be seriously awesome for a mid week drink with less people.

Penny Blue
Penny blue is a gorgeous bar, the interior is stunning however, you know the Friday night rule, there was some dick playing "hard house" there and it was full of upper class bogans. We stayed for a drink, Daniel probed a bit too much and I had a cry (jesus who knew I could be *so* sensitive, that and his barrister mind is good at zoning in on and picking at peoples emotional scabs) I was disappointed to see that it goes so gross on the weekend, strictly for Monday through Wednesday. Great beer selection though.

Dinner. Yo! I was really really disappointed in Hellenic (like worst), I found pretty much every dish bar one really boring and bland, so having a friend in town and wanting to go somewhere new (to me) we went to Baba on Lygon St East Brunswick. Man DEEELICIOUS. Not as good as Rumis (which has moved apparently, I was shocked to go to the Alderman last night to find that Rumis had gone!) but quite close. The space is beautiful and the staff are quick, efficient and polite. They do vegan, vegetarian and meaty mezze plates for tables over 4 and serve them all at the same timing. I don’t really remember what we ate (soused) I do remember the hummus and the roasted pumpkin salad! This place rocks and its very reasonably priced. I'm trying to encourage a group dinner that’s coming up to go there, watch this space!

The Alderman
So snuggly. Especially in winter. Love this bar.

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