Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Douglas Coupland once said that every city has a particular smell, rattling off what the cities he has lived in/loved imprinted on his brain. It really got to me and my nose has been taking in an olfactory registry of the passing seasons of my 4 years in Melbourne….

Northside in winter smells like, nag champa, wood burning fires and cumin

Northside in summer smells like, pot, orange juice and coffee

The city continuely smells like chinese barbeque, garbage and coffee

Port Melbourne has a heady mixture of the stinky STINKY Port (which can only be described as the smell of sludge) and the Vegemite factory.

What does Melbourne smell like to you? Or the city that you live in?


Arch Enemy Eyebrows

I'm extremely fussy with my eyebrows, its my one beauty thing I consistently shell out for. Aff isnt cheap but she is the best. I mean it when I say that, Afnaan Gardner is the best eyebrow shaper in Melbourne. $75 for initial consultation (up to an hour) and $55 each subsequent shaping. (Aff is about to go on leave for a month which means there is probably a 2.5 month wait to see her so make a booking NOW).

Retrostar $10 Warehouse Sale

We got there about 9.30. Too too nuts for me. Clare can totally go into the zone, me, I just freak out so I left within about 10 minutes. Clare nabbed some serious bargains though, me I spent all my money on ebay and am now totalitarian in my rule that I only buy things on the internet. I absolutely hate going to shops.

Paris Match - Australian Ballet

My friend Jude invited me to the ballet last Thursday night. I've never been before and I just found it so enchanting and magical. It was so beautiful. I have nothing to compare it to but Jude said it was the second best she had been to. The first half was traditional with the whole white tutu thang happening and the second half was modern with this stunning costumes. I had a little teary, it was so divine. Thanks Jude, I enjoyed myself so much, you really gave me a gift.

Tank Girl

I received a free mini pass to the animation festival, sadly this is the only session I did manage to make. I saw Tank Girl when it first came out and I thought it was pretty naff, I was however, 15 at the time. Now almost 30, and infinantly less cynical I actually really super enjoyed it. The animation was awesome and Lori Petty is a total honey. So so SO 90's though, from the Courtney Love compiled soundtrack to the butch/femme sensibilities of every woman in that movie, it made me homesick for an era. How weird is that?



Late night wine and dessert after the ballet. I thought I would be safe with the churros because most dark chocolate churros are vegan (I should have asked) they ended up being milk chocolate but I ate them anyway. I've had a few vegan slips lately. Its been harder this time around, I'm not as militant in my beliefs and I'm more concerned about others feelings around it and making them feel comfortable, I guess I'm feeling really in your face political about my eating decisions and self concious about that. I think I need to get over it a bit. Has anyone else felt like this?

Recorded Music Salon

I love this bar. Ok so I guess my equal favourite haunt in the city. It just so, dare I say it, civilised. We went for pre Tank Girl drinks there, it was half full, lovely music playing (mixture of Stones, garage rock, some punk all good stuff), they got rid of the grotty couches and put in some sterile kind of tables but its ok. There is food there now (unsure if there was before acutally) but we had some nice hummus and nice wine. I love it there. I LOVE IT THERE. I need to make a more concious decision to hang out there more. John Cusak would hang here. They also have a solid staff of hot lesbian/gay bar tenders.

Von Haus

I met my ex-husband there for a quick coffee after work on Friday night. Heroin for the soul. I was tucked away out the back, on a side table with only candles for light in the chilly Melbourne night. Being there, reading, drinking coffee and laughing with my ex love, with the chill somehow not permeating makes me so in love with this city I never want to leave. I never fully understood the romantic heart or 'romanticism' the way that its portrayed in music/film/poetry until now. Sad that it took a city not a person to help me understand it but.. Perhaps I haven't been ready until this point. Either that or I find romanticism an experience much greater than the gestures of a person, it’s the elements, the moon, wine, laughter, the smell of wood fire…. That’s engulfs me in a gigantic love blanket. Probably growing older too and appreciating people not dying for a while, having a job and necessities in life also....

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