Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Friday night was date night. I had money to burn and a lady to spoil, so I thought I'd take Clare on a tasting menu of my favourite spots in Melbourne that she hadn't been to yet (yes I actually go out with other people than Clare, to places she hasn’t been before, I know its amazing). So Friday was very very very busy and boozy. Couple that with my derby wife in town for the derby match and my parents arriving on Sunday for my Dads birthday, last week was busy with the socialising. Never fear though, I still managed to finish season 5 of Buffy (watch this space) and clean my house (miraculous).


Carnagelle - VRDL

I used to do roller derby (I was involved for about 18 months), a big injury freaked me out enough to stop skating, the politics between the girls freaked me out enough for me to stop being involved altogether. I'm just not made of strong enough stuff (read I like hiding at home alone compulsively eating cookies and watching buffy). So anyway, to cut a long story short, my derby wife (who had moved to Brisbane a year ago) was coming home to compete in the QLD vs VRDL bout. It was my first derby bout this season and I was so happy and awed by how much more professional and amazing it has gotten. The first game was Melbourne vs Geelong. The second game was SSRL vs VRDL. SSRL are seriously good and if it was a home game I think they would have kicked VRDLS ARSE! However VRDL won and a great game was put on. My only complaint, the pervasive and intrusive constant smell of barbecue was gross. The sexy people was enough to make me forget about it though. Such a great Saturday night. Go! Support your local roller derby league!

Richie 1250 and the Brides of Christ

I'll be honest. I'm a shit friend. I rarely go to friends openings, rarely go and see friends bands, I'm just so busy and double booked! So anyway you can imagine how shit I felt when I found out via facebook that a guy I work with is in my friends band. I've known Tim for 2 years and worked with Roshan for 18 months and I've never put 2 and 2 together BECAUSE I NEVER WENT AND SAW THEIR BAND. Shame face. So it was their last gig for a while and we went. They are amazing and I'm totally fucking retarded for having not gone sooner. I've heard their stuff on RRR before and knew what I was getting in for but I never realised it would be so fucking good live. Awesome band. Check em out on myspazz.

Gertrude St Projection Festival

Spec. I love this town, I really do. After Ezards and Recorded Music Salon, I took Clare to the opening of the Gerturde st projection festival. It was so wonderful. So crisply cold, walking Gertrude st with so many other people out and about, seriously spec. Go and check it out while its still on.


Recorded Music Salon

Love love love love love it. I'm going to try and make a habit of going there at least once a week. Quiet enough, fantastic music, obviously genx manager as I never hear anything above 95 on the stereo. I will also try and eat there some time soon.


Yes fancy. The wife has been (like the majority of Australia) completely and utterly obsessed with Masterchef, I finally paid off my loan, I took her to Ezards. We did the pre theatre degust (out by 730) and I'm glad we did! We weren't able to be fit in for the full degust at the 8pm sitting but this was more than enough food, I was full to the gills! Clare had the vegetarian I went the vegan and it was really something quite special. Palate cleanser first up was a red miso soup, served in a wee espresso cup. Red miso paste is a bit too full on for me so I didn’t really like it. The first course was pumpkin tempura with pomegranate molasses, shaved new coconut and some sort of puree I cant remember what it was. Seriously divine. Second course was pickled beetroot salad with blood orange, mint and rhubarb (Clares had feta). Gorgeousness. Third course was steamed soft tofu with an asian sauce. The sauce was out of control, sweet, salty, sour, pungent, everything you want out of an asian sauce. Clare and I were practically licking our plates. Fourth course, dessert, Clare has some sort of ice cream thing I don’t actually know what hers was (bad me) mine was a pineapple carpaccio with passion fruit sugar syrup, strawberries with mint and raspberry sorbet. Just divine. In all honesty I was really disappointed when it came out, I was like.. Oh here we go again the vegan gets fruit for dessert, but it was one of the most amazing things I've ever eaten. Highly highly recommend it for something special.

Panama Dining Room

Took Clare for a quick cocktail, I'm glad its not so crazy there on a Friday night anymore. I really love this place. We stuck our heads into Rice Queen (their new space downstairs) its just beautiful. Hopefully I'm going there for dinner this week.

Grace Darling

My friend Russ has a new pub. And yes continuing on the I'm a shit friend thread, its been open for like 6 weeks now and I still hadnt gone. So I stuck my head in on Friday night and its stunning. Like stunning. Like one of the most stunning pubs in Melbourne stunning. Cant wait to eat there (doesn’t look too vegan friendly though but I'm sure things can be worked out) and the dungeon downstairs is where I will hold my 30th more than likely. Check it out, its clearly Melbournes new "it" bar, because the attractive level of the people there was kings of leon film clip and beyond, like maybe Blondie film clip.

The Alderman

Quick goodbye derby wife drinks. The fire there is yummy. I cant really say much more (than I've already said) about the Alderman, its a Melbourne treasure.

Cutler and Co

Well *someones* a spoiled little girl this week. Pops is in town for his birthday and asked me to suggest a place we could have dinner, I flamed it onto Cutler and Co PRONTO. Its been on the list for so long for me and well, when someone else is paying, you know why it was kicked up the list. That and I wanted to give poor ole Pops the best meal of his life. Knowing already that is meat people heaven I was apprehensive as to what I could eat, but it didn’t really matter to me anyway as it was really all for my Dad. Anyway I did ask them if they were able to accommodate vegans when making the booking and they told me no problem. They designed a special menu just for moi! Veruka was very happy. First up though, straight up gin martini with olives was d I v I n e. My entrée was pureed, barbecued Jerusalem artichoke heart soup with homemade croutons with slivers of pickled garlic. I'm not shitting you, its one of the best things I've ever eaten. The flavours were so finely attuned and balanced my mouth felt like a Listerine explosion. 10/10. My main meal was roasted vegetable salad with pureed nettle sauce. It was delicious, but after that amazingness of my entrée it was just a notch lower I would give it an 8/10. Cutler and Co lives up to the hype, the staff are courteous, without being too frou frou or pretentious, the interior slightly wanky but still lovely and the food spectacular. I highly highly recommend going.

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  1. I really need to get myself to Ezard, sounds awesome!

    The cutler and co link goes to an investment company.


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