Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tireeeeeeeeeed. My folks being in town really took it out of me. I spent the majority of the weekend watching Buffy. I'm on season 7, I'm so so SO sad its going to be over soon, but really happy to be getting my life back. I now resent toilet breaks and have stopped answering my phone.


Melbourne International Film Festival Launch
MIFF is by far my favourite festival of the year. SQUEE FACE MILLION FOLD. So Monday night was the launch which was too long and we were made to sit through many boring speeches before we got to the part of why we were all there GETTING THE FESTIVAL GUIDE EARLY. It wasn’t that painful actually, the director got up and spoke so did the mayor or some sort of political shithead, we watched some trailers blah blah blah, sang happy birthday to geoffrey rush.. Blah blah.. I made a total arse of myself by loudly proclaiming that my total fantasy was to meet in line my favourite local film reviewer at MIFF, fall in love and live happily ever after. Realising that my friend probably knew him, started loudly probing him for information.. Wondering whether he was really bitter.. Or gay… my friend got REALLY uncomfortable when I realised he was standing behind me. Nice work fuckface. Anyway I got the festival guide and read through it like a crazed freak. Im going overseas in August so I could only afford a 10 pass.. Which is slowly creeping up to.. 13 sessions… lets see where this takes me. SQUEE FACE!!!!

Wasted from 8 beers and a day of tattooing, I scarfed an Abotsford Invalid longy at my mates house and we headed to Orlando at about 11. Super fun, good music and nice crowd. So the antithesis of the gay scene! It finished at one and I stumbled home with a can of solo in one hand and a falafel roll in the other. Fun times, I will definitely be going to the next one.

Chapel Tattoo
I think the best shop in Melbourne but people have their favs, you cant go past Tattoo Magic or Dynamic for excellence as well. I spent the afternoon with my man Andrew, the second sitting for my shin piece. Getting your shin tattooed is painful. That is all.


The Toff in the Town
Met up with my parents after MIFF launch. We had all already eaten, the Toff is like the only nice restaurant open on a Monday night. We ate some pumkin dip though which was lovely. We also scored a dining car which was super nice too. I really like it at the Toff, wankery as it is.

Movidas Next Door
My ace card. I wanted to take my parents out to something that would seriously blow their mind (as cutler wasn’t the pant shitting experience I had hoped it to be), so you just cant fail with Movidas Next Door. I ate before I went because I wasn’t too sure what I would be able to eat (if anything) since becoming vegan. I wasn’t able to eat much. I had the potatoes with the cheese sauce on the side (so my folks could have some) and I had the crumbed and panfried artichoke hearts (which were out of control) apparently there is another bean dish which they can do without the tuna but I was too full by then. Yummy wine, my parents were absolutely blown away. Score.

Recorded Music Salon
As promised I am spending more time there. They sell Holgates Chocolate Stout (WIN). I had a massive day tattooing on Friday and was VERY sooky afterwards, solution, meet Daniel at Recorded Music and get shitfaced. Win. I had the only 2 vegans things on the menu, the olives and the hommous and it was good for a snack. Vegans avoid if you want a meal. The hommous is yummy! I <3 you recorded music salon. Muchly.

Lord of the Fries AND the Walkers hot dog man took a beating this week too. OOH OH OH and Tower sushi at Flinders st station, their handrolls and in particular their seaweed salad freaking ROCK.

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