Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

I've had a cold I just cant damn shake. I finished Buffy on the weekend. I've banned myself from parking my butt in front of the projector for a whole week.


Man from Mukinupin

The conundrum. Clare and I have walked out of the 2 plays we have seen at the new shiny MTC theatre out of just sheer boredom/horror. We can safely bet from now on that the plays produced on this stage are purely for the pre-blue rinse set out to feel 'cultured'. Poor Boy was atrocious, the one with Miriam Margoyles (though with amazing actors) just didn’t hold us, and well, the Man from Mukinupin was much the same. We almost didn’t go in from previous new MTC theatre experience. Anyway, the play was a musical done in vaudeville style, set in 1914 in an outback town in Western Australia, centered seemingly, around Aboriginal genocide. A vaudeville musical about Aboriginal genocide. Ambitious. 'Creative'. We left at half time.


Rice Queen
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointing. The Age you smite me! The majority of the ages recommendations (to be fair Matt Preston didn’t really recommend it that highly) have ALL been so freaking disappointing (minus Movidas Next Door). I mean this place has such good lineage! St Judes Cellar and the Panama Dining Room! The food was ok, certainly not bad, definitely edible, not that disappointing. The space is gorgeous, I think what really let it down was no table service. Daniel and I can drink. So having to get up every time we wanted a drink and cross the cavernous space to wait in line to be served, be served, walk drink over cavern back to table, it was a dull experience. Having table service would have boosted this immensley. The cocktail I has was really REALLY boring and for an asian restaurant they had like 2 dishes that could be made vegan. All in all disapointing to the max. Food 6 Service 3 Space 9 Overall 12/20

The Grace Darling

Took Daniel in just for a quick drink, well several beers really. I love this pub and I think its my favourite ever in Melbourne. Overall 1million.

Tom Phat

Holy shit. I've been perusing the breakfastblog and going to all the highly rated places esp. in Brunswick. We tried Gingerlee (and agreed with him) I agree with his (I think its a guy?) judgement on A Minor so Clare and I took Saturday morning breakfast at Tom Phat (his most highly rated in Brunswick). I am still thinking about this meal. I had the scrambled tofu, I cant remember what Clare had. My dish was just amazing, with extremely delicate, light thai sauces, big chunks of square tofu, fresh herbs, tomato and corriander and a pan fried bit of roti bread it was SO AMAZINGLY GOOD I am still drooling all over myself. The space is ok, nothing amazing but light and fresh which is nice. The constant buzzing and wall shaking from next door using a jackhammer wasn’t even enough to spoil my love for this place. The waitress was lovely, fresh oj was lovely, the coffee very good, my chai was a bit watery but I just wont have that next time. Food 10, Service 9, Space 7 Overall 17/20

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