Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup



In the Loop

Armando Iannucci, hands down, has to be my favourite comedian of all time. So you can imagine I was squirming with sick joy that his first film would be playing at film festival. It was my first session and it did not disappoint. Armando makes generally uncomfortable observation/political comedies and In the Loop was the same. It was very distressing but extremely funny. Part of his power, you're too busy laughing to really let the enormity of what he is saying really sink in, its not until its over that you start to feel really sick. Very funny, very scathing and James Gandolfini in a military uniform is very very sexy. Side note, as that man gets fatter he gets sexier, how the hell does that happen? Prrrow!


I felt I should go and see one film in the Anna Karina stream. I chose Alphaville. It was utterly bizarre and hilarious. Anna came out for a Q&A after the film which was great. Shes lovely.


Trippy Taco

I finally went to Trippy Taco and its great! The service is pretty much non existent, but the food more than makes up for it. I lived in the US for a while (7 months) and since coming home I really REALLY miss the abundance of amazing, cheap mexican food. Trippy Taco has finally filled that gap for me! Woohoo! I had the two tacos with vegan cheese and it was really tasty. I'm also going to try and patronise solely vegetarian food outlets more and more. Highly recommended and very reasonably priced.

Bowl of Soul

I love Shane and Alida. Until I go to Burning Man I'm going to try and eat as little wheat as possible. The logic behind this is I will eat more vegetables and be more discerning with the things I eat. I went for their 'steak out' sandwich, with no bread. So I basically had a gigantic salad with a fake steak on top and all the trimmings (vegan bacon, cheezly, bbq sauce and onions). It was amazing and I think I have a new favourite there. Bowl of Soul are really great, they're up there with the Vegie Bar for me, consistently providing excellent vegetarian food. I feel really lucky I work near them.

San Churro

After Trippy Taco I popped into San Churro on Brunswick st to get a chocolate fix, I had their pear liquor ball and the chilli chocolate truffle. Im not sure whether the truffle was vegan even though the assistant told me it was, I didn’t like it anyway (I don’t know WHY I keep going for truffles I just don’t like them!) but the pear liquor ball was amazing. San Churro are actually pretty good. Their white chocolate is vegan, its all cocoa butter. Unlike the shit experience I had at the Lindt flagship store (next).

Lindt (no link?!)

Clare and I were EXTREMELY EXCITED to spot that Lindt were opening a chocolate café on Collins st. We kept walking past, pressing our faces against the window, excitedly discussing what the opportunities could be. How disappointed can two people be? I thought that at least their dark hot chocolates would be made with their 70% dark chocolate (my favourite), NO. I could only eat 2 things in the entire store, dark chocolate dipped candied lemon rind and orange rind. The coffee was terrible. Super mega sad face. The best vegan chocolate experiences I've had has been with Haighs, they have a surprising amount of vegan chocolates (same for KOKO Black).

Camis Shanghai Dumpling House

Ahhh Camis. Feeding the poor, the hipster and the drunken masses a bajillion times a day (I mean seriously they must sell something in the 10s of thousands of dumplings per week). Clare and I being on a no wheat thing ate the fried rice (was surprisingly good this time - a lot of other times I've had it too oily), spring onion pancake and pumpkin cakes. What is in the pumpkin cakes does anyone know? Pretty sure they're not vegan, little help? You know what the servers are like there, they barely take your order.


Wow. I am really starting to love this place. Daniel and I had some snacks and a drink there on Friday night and its just lovely. Its quite fancy but the space is just gorgeous and its nice to be somewhere on a Friday night in the city that does not guranteed turn into planet of the apes after sundown. Its an incredibly meaty place (like a plate of olives I think was the only vegetarian thing) but I politely asked the waiter if the kitchen could so something for me and the served me an intensely delicious tasting plate! It was sooo good. Ten points for no fuss too. LOVE IT THERE. Relaxing, kind of like a Von Haus x4 space wise.

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