Sunday, August 16, 2009

Black forest Cake - Gluten free - Vegan

I've been obsessed with making a black forest cake for some time. That time arrived yesterday! It was ridiculously easy....

Cake: Gluten free chocolate cake mix (there is this one brand that is amazing but I cant remember what it is right now)

Ganache - we used 85% Lindt, break up a block into a microwavable container with a tablespoon of soy milk and microwave for about 30 seconds. If it needs more.. it needs more, only do it in small time increments like 10 seconds it might need a wee bit more soy as well.

Morello Cherries - we got a big jar from Aldi for like $3. We drained them (the juice was very sour) and made a sugar syrup of 1/3 cup of water and 1/3 of sugar. Heat the sugar syrup until the liquid is clear then add the cherries. We went out and stupidly left them on the stove (!!!!) so they had boiled down to nothing and were a bit burned when we got back, but that was ok! (and Clares husband was still alive so, crisis averted) they still tasted really yummy but they were REALLY chewy and made the cake hard to cut hahah. Reserve some cherries for decorating.

Decoration - soyatoo whipped cream and grated dark chocolate

Assemble - Clare and I dont use egg replacer really, and we overestimated how much the cake would rise (meaning it didnt rise at all and meaning I overestimated haha) so we ended up having to put all the trimmings on the top, however if you have a cake thats big enough to cut in halves (or thirds) fill the inside with ganache and morello cherry jam (if you have a 2 layer, one layer ganache and one layer cherry - maybe sprinkle a bit of brandy on the cake as well yum!). For the top I spread the ganache over the top, put the cherry jam in the centre and piped the cream around, decorating with remanding cherries and chocolate shavings.

It was *amazing* and didnt make me feel gross like big cream cakes used to.

Hint for using soyatoo in the can - set the cream out of the fridge for at least 10 minutes before serving. Apparently when its straight out of the fridge it uses way more gas to get the cream out, then the gas runs out and you're left with a can of cream and no way of getting the rest out.

I had an idea whilst doing this, surely if I got thick coconut cream and put it in a whipped cream container it would whip like regular cream? Has anyone tried this?

Enjoy! The next project I'm obsessed with making is vegan tiramisu, but no doubt it will have to to wait till I get back.

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  1. yum, i'll forward this to Mel with a giant HINT HINT.


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