Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

I have possibly had the busiest week of my life, I spent about an hour at home alone this week, I need to not agree to do anything but MIFF when MIFF is on… anyway, instead of film reviews I'm just going to give my rating and the trailer, the trailer will say more than I ever can about the film, suffice it to say I've been having an absolutely jaw dropping MIFF this year. Lets take it away, (ps this has been really rushed so if I've missed anything or there's errors I apologise):


The Birthday Party - Melbourne Theatre Company

God it feels like I saw this a MILLION YEARS AGO. I hated it. We walked out at interval. I think it was some sort of metaphor for the government as a police state but it was just fucking boring and really poorly acted by most people in the play. Definaltey one to avoid.

An Englishman in New York - ***

The Girlfriend Experience ****.5

Van Diemens Land ****.5

Absolutely stunning and sure to become an Australian classic. Incredibly disturbing.

Moon ****

Dogs in Space ****

I had never seen it before and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.

We Live in Public

My first 5* film of the festival. Jaw dropping.

Bronson ***

Beautifully shot and stunning performances but ultimately I was very bored by it.

Dogs in Space afterparty at Cherry Bar

I had never been to Cherry hey. A free bar and Carla a bit cranky meant I drank a tonne. Drinking a tonne meant I had no inhibitions and launched myself onto the director of MIFF, squeezing him and kissing him and telling him how much I love the festival blah blah blah blah blah tres embaressmont. The after party was quite quiet so we left and went to Soul a go go.

Soul a go go - Vince Peach 25th Anniversary Party

Dude. I had no idea Vince Peach was so hot. MARRY ME. I had a ball, danced my arse off and left about 2am. It was fun times.


Tom Phat

I had the scrambled tofu again, amazing and I went there a second time for breakfast and had the braised mushrooms with cnadied walnuts, rocket and with a side dish of avocado. Amazing. I love it. The best breakfast in Brunswick.


We went to Gingerlee for tea and toast on Sunday morning. They serve Dench bread. Nuff said.


I've been meaning to go here for aaaagggeeesssss and I finally got to have a snack there on Saturday. Bean mash with tomato and spinach on a toastie. They're not very vegan friendly/friendly in general and resent having questions even asked about their food. I wont be going back to eat there even though what I had was very nice. Their coffee is the second best I've had in Melbourne. Very disappointing.


Hands down the best coffee in Melbourne. I've been hanging out here a lot in between MIFF session. The staff can be really fucking obnoxious with their too cool for school attitude and their 'ironic' 'music' playing too loudly (NKOTB anyone?), but you do eventually get served and the food is very nice if not a little pricey. $6 for one small slice of sourdough with avocado on it? Its extremely tasty though and very well done. And out of all the places that are good in that end of town, the one I would probably eat at if I had to chose.


I had a really super great meal there on Friday night and much better than the other experiences that I'd had there. We ordered the nasu dengaku, agedashi tofu and the pumpkin stir fry and it was all super lovely. Nice one Shinjuku, just upped itself from 'cheap and cheerful' to 'good'.

Von Haus

Again, somewhere I have been hanging out in between sessions, mainly for wine and a sit down. Theres nothing I can eat there so its all coffee and wine. I love the space though and continue to be calmed by it. Its anice place to go and read.

Good handfood suggestions to smuggle in for MIFF/eat in line. Walkers vegie dog, Lord of the Fries (I'm trying to stick to only once a week though) and Tower Sushi make the most awesome sushi (at Flinders st station), their seaweed salad is off the hook.

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