Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

I tried to slow down as much as possible this week, MIFF and subsequent illness really knocked me for 6.


Idea Food and Wine

I recently purchase the Vegetarian Good Food Guide by Aduki Press, and let me tell you peoples, this thing is GOLD pure GOLD. First cab off the rank was Idea Food and Wine and my GOD was it AWESOME. I'm so sick of calling ahead/being apologetic and grateful that I can get fed places so I've decided to do nothing but really veg friendly (or all veg) establishments for a while, I need a break. Clare and I ate the sizzling sechuan eggplant and the spring rolls. My eyes rolled back in my head and I did that thing Matt Preston does when presented with a mouthful that’s like fireworks orgasms. Amazingly good. The vegetarian section is in the back of the meni, don’t panic!

Madame Brussells

Man I had the week from hell and Friday was one of our first truly summer days. Nothing to do but leave work at 3.30 and soak up the sun on the roof top at Madame Brussells drinking a jug of Mai Tai. Hell. Yeah.

Wabi Sabi

I tried taking Daniel to Trippy Taco on Tuesday night but alas they are closed Monday/Tuesday. Poo. So Wabi Sabi was next stop (another good food guide recommendation), we shared some eggplant slathered in some sauce (I really need to write these things down), it was ok as an appetiser and then I had the sweet potato and chick pea croquettes which were MASSIVE and I wish Daniel and I had shared them. Yummy yummy japanese food made by japanese people. A little pricey but still great!

The Brunswick Green

We had book club at the Brunswick Green. Amazing chips, I really love the Brunswick Green.. The only nice bar on Sydney road and was perfect for a book club couch session.

Tom Phat

Oh Tom Phat.. Oh TOM PHAT… that scrambled tofu was just 20/20 this week, the delicious smokiness and thai oils that are just.. So lightly there. I love you. I love you Tom Phat. No really.


  1. Love your blog & you seem to love all the same places as me! I am actually looking to join a book club & one in the northern suburbs would be perfect - does yours take new people?

  2. I am desperate to try Tom Phat for breakfast. I want to try this scrambled tofu!

  3. Hi Vicki, I left a message on your blog re bookclub, steph, just remember to order it without the fetta!


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