Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

A few days late, life has been crazy trying to figure out this trip, however everything is booked, everything is paid for, everything is organised and I leave tomorrow and cannot contain my excitement! ARGGGHHH!!! I plan on going to Real Food Daily - fav vegan restaurant eVAR and going to try and go to Millenium when I'm in San Francisco (another fave) I have a vegan sushi joint bookmarked for LA as well but if you have any favourites please send them on! I'm going to pig out on burritos, bagels and raw food!! Woohoo! I also have a new camera so will be able to report with pictures.


Camis Shanghai Dumpling House

Yum yum! Cant beat dumpling house for cheap and cheerful.

Section 8

I love section 8. I hear grumbles and a few people not liking it but I love the vibe, I love the space, I love how more 'lived in' it becomes as each time I go there.

Penny Black

The old 'don’t tell tom' on Sydney rd, I have never been there before but loved the space and the $6 pizzas are MASSIVE and the drinks are very reasonably priced. I believe I have another place on Sydney road that is very decent. Totally check it out.

Bowl of Soul

I keep forgetting to update with these guys, I go there at least once a week. A must try everyone!!

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