Thursday, September 17, 2009

Madeleine Bistro - Tarzana, California

Another one of my vegan expeditions when I was in California. Madeleines Bistro was vegan delight, offering an extensive brunch menu. I'm trying to stay off the fake meats these days so I go the scrambled tofu but my companions got fake meat o rama.


Mine was "The Skillet" scrambled tofu, homefries and facon


Lisa got the Waffles and "Chicken" - I had never heard of waffles and chicken before as a breakfast option! so apparently a veganised one was revolutionary. Looked yummy.


Arne got the Madeleine Club - chicken fried seitan, tempeh bacon and homefries.

I was pretty underwhelmed with my tofu scramble, I think its because I make one thats very different and its what I'm used to. Definitely I am going to have a health food week next time so I can go and have the chicken and waffles! Something to check out if you ever make it to the valley in L.A.

Madeleine Bistro link here

Brunch menu here

Extensive list of menus looks insane!


  1. Wow, that waffle chicken combo looks weird but oddly enticing.

  2. I know! Carb alert, anything smothered in gravy and served to me as a breakfast option has seriously won my heart.


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