Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

So obviously since I got a new camera to replace my stolen one, I have been able to go food blog on y'all. This is where I will go with this from now on, very excited guys! I hope you enjoy the food I have to share with you. I will still be doing the roundup, however all restaurants will become food related separate posts laterz. Teh hearts.


The God of Carnage - Melbourne Theatre Company
So most of my MTC subscription has been utter shite. The handful of plays I have liked have been life changing and amazing (grace, the year of magical thinking, august - osage county, and for a bit of whimsy I did kind of like moonlight and magnolias -mainly because I have a severe boner for jew boys and marg downey) , but the amount of cater-to-seniors-who-obviously-are-the-only-people-with-money-to-spend-on-the-theatre plays have been fucking painful. The God of Carnage was of the same ilk. The same old tired sexist stereotypes of 2 warring couples, the as the night-goes-on-exponentially-hysterical-wife and her so zen-he's-practically-retarded, monosyllabic-eye-rolling-husband who barely tolerates her. This play made me sick. Why is this kind of content funny? Why are horrendous gender stereotypes the main fare for 'biting' satirical humour directed at the middle aged and suburban? Why do they find these things funny? Cant they see what a mockery they are making of their existence? Are these stereotypes given the usual 'for tv' dramatic treatment because it mirrors real life for a lot of people and this is why they find it funny? Why are husbands idiotic twits that don’t care about their wives needs or wants and why are wives portrayed as hysterical, hormonal, screeching banshees that cant string a sentence together? Fuck you MTC, I cant tell what I'm more mortified about, the fact that they staged this play, or that the entire joint laughed until they cried over it.

Book Club - What is the What by Dave Eggers
I really reserve 5 stars for books that change the way I think/change my life, and Dave Eggers "What is the What?" certainly did that for me. The pasted together 'fictionalised' life story of Valentino Achak Deng, is one of pure heartbreak, survival and hope. A searing account of the life of a Sudanese refugee in America and of his 14 years spent as a refugee in Kenya, I was aware of Sudan and all of its troubles, however now I feel greatly educated to the Sudanese peoples plight and humbled by my wealthy life in comparison. This book just poured into my brain, made me cry on several occasions but also made me laugh and smile at the vivid descriptions of the people in his life. There are so many ways for a small boy to die in Sudan, and too many are described here, but an honest account couldnt be without them. An easy read, but a heartbreaking one, I urge you to give the gift of this book to yourself. It will change how you see the world and your life.

Soul Fringe
The Fringe Club party headquarters has been moved downstairs to the basement this year… why?!?! What a crumby space, Vince Peach of course never fails to please and $5 bottles of beer and very cheap snacks is a great way to enjoy the fringe vibe when you have no money. I danced my legs off!

I had my first Tom Phat tofu scramble since coming home, I went to the Emerald Peacock and had the most ridiculously expensive and shit vegan pizza Ive ever had (the space is wonderful, a great bar but DON’T EAT THERE $17 for a button mushroom pizza with some thyme!), a quick wine at Syracuse and dinner at The Grandview Hotel for which I have already blogged about.


  1. Thanks for the warning on the bad pizza at Emerald Peacock. I wonder, could it be as bad as the ones at Riverland? An olive pizza consists of one lonely olive, quartered and spread over a pizza. What a rip.

  2. its just astonishing. its still a rip off with the non vegan ingredients I had taken off. couple that with bimbos $4 pizza amazingness and nothing compares. nothing.

  3. I want to whinge about non-vegan ingredients being taken OFF but still being charged MORE! What's with that??
    The last time this happened was at the Old Fire Station Cafe (I think it is called) on High St,Preston. I asked for a milk shake with soy milk MINUS the icecream and they still added on the extra charge for the soy milk! What about TAKING OFF the icecream costs??!!
    Ugh! Sorry to vent on your blog, Carla! :)

  4. seitahn! no I *completely* understand! I found their service there really rude as well...

  5. It seems weird that you vegans go to a place as evil as Bimbos when you're so fussy about other shit. Imma jus sayin.

  6. how is bimbos evil?

  7. Well, it used to be the Punters Club, for one. And now it isn't. Much like the other live venues those owners have bought and destroyed around Melbourne. And for two, it's full of the latest model douchebag - descended directly from the bro who began douchefying Fitzroy 20 years ago.

  8. wow, has absolutely nothing to do with me. Its called a free market economy. Perhaps you should hate the Punters Club owners who sold the property to them? They're the ones who are selling out and allowing the gentrification of your beloved city to happen. If these things were not profitable or popular, things would remain the same.

    Bimbos offers a good service at an excellent price without seemingly raping the world too much. Any business that does that will continue get my patronage.

  9. Oh wait, the free market economy? The same one you're railing against because their aren't enough vegans to force olives onto pizzas?

  10. yes the free market economy that gives me the choice to go somewhere else that doesnt charge a ridiculous amount of money for a crappy pizza vegan or otherwise (which I noted above that it was a rip off even if the non vegan ingredients had been there)

    I did say I liked the space and liked the bar, I recommended people to go there just not eat there as I felt it was a rip off.

  11. Nicely put, Carla. Being old enough to remember Brunswick Street in the mid to late 80s, it has always been full of douchebags, whether they were into live music or not.

    We're not 'fussy'; it's ethical. The difference is pretty clear.


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