Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mushrooms on toast


Drunk. I caught the last 55 tram home to Union Square silently chanting for hot chips. Boo! No! Chastising myself I thought, I'm an industrious young lass, surely I can knock something greasy up, myself when I get home. Yes, bring on mushrooms on toast.

olive oil
2x large mushys
2x cloves of garlijavascript:void(0)c thinly sliced
handful of sundried tomatoes or cherry tomatoes
tsp of dried thyme or fresh
fresh or dried chilli to taste
handful of greens like spinach or rocket(arugula)

1. Fry up! I served on sourdough with a drizzle of olive oil and salt. I inhaled it so quickly I almost choked to death. Total. Win.


  1. Yum, mushrooms on toast is a great meal, especially as brekky when you're feeling hung over.

    And there aren't many options in the Mosman area are there but Crows Nest is not too far away!

  2. yeah I know theres not many options in Sydney!! thats why I was excited that there is something in Crows Nest! thanks for the tip


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