Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Ahh Melbourne, I'm sorry we had a tiff, I love you I really do.


Whip It

I went to the preview screening of Whip It with the rollergirls on Tuesday night. All I can say is, it’s a pretty non ofensive "chick flick" (consider that I'm pretty offended by almost everything) and it was nice to see 'normal' people on the screen. Biggest criticism, 2 hours is 30 minutes too long for a piece of fluff. Also Juliette Lewis is possibly the worst actor in history in this oh and I had never been to the Jam Factory before, all I can say is wtf?!!?

Price: free through Roller Derby

Meet Me at the End - Fringe Festival

Im in love..... imagine being lead into a leaky, dark abandoned tunnel (Campbell Arcade)... sitting on blankets while a girl in rubber dungarees and a megaphone, armed with tea and lamingtons, urges you to light her with you flashlights otherwise everyone is unable to see properly.... while creaky sounds come seemingly from a gramaphone but really from a tapedeck hidden behind it... you are the last surivours in Melbourne.. and she will be heard... you sit captivated for 45 minutes while she rants on about love, isolation, creation and community.... I was utterly... utterly enchanted...

I love the concept that your life, your 80 years on this planet is a holiday, a visit, a weekend getaway in the greater context of things..... le sigh.

Briohnys blog, if you were interested in reading this fascinating girls writing.

Price: free through Fringe Festival Membership (its $5 every year and I got free tickets to 3 shows which equated to $30)

Tattoo Mystique - Angelique Houtekamp at Outre Gallery

Well I rode the freebie circuit in Melbourne this week. I've had $10 in my pocket from last Tuesday till tomorrow. Mailing lists my friends mailing lists and memberships. The new book looks good, however it was just rad to stand around and catch up with a bunch of my friends I havent seen in ages and drink tonnes of free beer.

Price: Free through Outre email list.


Horse Bazaar

I really love this place. Once the 'it' place, it went through the usual evolution of being overrun by hipsters, then overrun by office people trying to 'up their cool' then overrun by suburbanites, then being completely 'uncool' to now being quite AWESOME. Its filled with such a weird mix of people, suits, old people, young people, both sub/urban. Its really relaxed, I cant stand the hipsters these days they are making me want to throw up. The Horse Bazaar space is really cool too and awesome cocktails of the week.

Price: free. drank water cause I was poor.


  1. Hey your review for the Fringe Festival event sounds great - I have been meaning to get to some more so this will be on my list if she's still going!

    PS. Yes! How great is Horse Bazaar?

  2. hey niki! sorry I think the last performance was on Saturday....

  3. Recommended reading for "hipster haters"


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