Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chocolate caramel pie - Tart'n'Round - Thornbury CLOSED


No seriously. Look at that thing. Just look at it. There is rice bubbles in the caramelly part. Clare and I shared this, after brunch at Trippy Taco, there was not much more we could fit in. The food reminded me A LOT (especially the ice cream) of the desserts that used to be a Vegetarian Orgasm (remember that place), turns out it IS the same guy (Mark is his name). I always wondered where he went! I didnt like the ice cream, it has the weird fake 'whipped topping' taste (that was dominant in a lot of the wares at Vegetarian Orgasm), but the cake was outstanding. Seriously. Oh and did I mention gluten free? They also make what looks like a YUMMY range of food. Cant wait to go back there!

deets: 839 High st Thornbury 3071 Ph:9480 0818
$$: cake was $4 plus scoop of icecream $1.80 and coffee was $2 (or $2.50 I cant remember)


  1. *thump*
    I just fell off my chair

    I agree about the ice cream. not a fan. it doesn't even freeze! or melt. too weird

  2. i hate to tell you but the guy that created those awesome desserts at Vegetarian Orgasm's name was Mark... and this is one of his recipes

  3. thanks for the correction, I have updated the blog post


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