Friday, October 9, 2009

Homemade American Baked Beans - Badd Manors - Glebe - Sydney



Ahh Badde Manors, one of the few vegetarian eateries in Sydney. My usual routine when I go home is, chai (at least) at Badde Manors and then Glebe Markets, MCA then walk over to the AGNSW for tea then a wander. It was pissing down the majority of the time I was there and alas the markets weren't on (can someone tell me why? that was the first time EVER they havent been on!), so anyway I had the beans, Rose had cinnamon toast. The beans weren't great, not very flavourful, and it came with a 'side' of breakfast potatoes which equated to about 2.5 chats, pan fried in spices. My chai, as usual, was divine. The service to my surprise was very friendly, only one person at the end was the usual surly, I have came to cherish in Sydney, service. Great for people watching, especially sitting on the sidewalk. One of the few 'old Sydney' vibes left in town.

Space: a bustling, urban, full of pretty people 9/10
Service: mostly super friendly with one sour bitch 7/10
Food: relatively bland beans and boring bit of bread, ok potatoes 6/10


Deets: Badde Manors Cafe 1/37 Glebe Point Road, Sydney NSW 2037
$$: my beans were a very cheap (especially for Sydney) $7.50 and my chai $4.50


  1. I haven't heard any rave reviews of Badde Manors so I have never been. But the beans do look good.

    And I took advantage of the exchange rate and ordered Vegan Soul Kitchen!

  2. Mandee I would strongly suggest going there... its a great spot, my beans just werent that great but Ive had other awesome food there. xo

  3. i love badde manors but as far as "one of the few" vegetarian eateries? there are HEAPS of vegetarian/vegan 'eateries' in sydney, and many restaurants that are vegan/veg friendly. i feel kind of funny defending sydney here but let me summarise: peace harmony, green gourmet, green palace, vina's, trirat thai, naked espresso, are more than a 'few' of the veg places in sydney. i'm sure there are heaps that i dont know about as well as the several places that happily cater to vegans and vegetarians.

  4. I love Badde Manors too.. and perhaps I should clarify that in comparison to Melbourne, Sydney has about 1/5 of the vegetarian restaurants but has a population of a million people more.. so it just doesnt make sense to me!

    7 or 8 vegie restaurants in a city of 5.5 million people is a 'few' in my opinion

    thanks for the list I didnt realise there was so many! I only really knew about greens gourmet, green palace, bodhis and badde manors

  5. actually I counted yesterday out of curiosity, Melbourne has approximately 55 solely vegetarian eateries... so yeah I am a bit spoiled for choice here compared to sydney

  6. in all fairness, melbourne has more of everything left-of-centre (arts/healthy/eco friendly variety) in comparison to most cities in the country. i was just arguing that it's not like there's only three places in sydney. i had a quick search on happy cow which brought up about 24 places that are solely veg, and i could name one or two places that i think that list has missed so who knows how many others there are lurking around. it is fair to mention that the majority of restaurants on that list are different iku restaurants, but iku counts, because it is all veg anyway..

    i used to live in melbourne and if i went off my (feeble) memory i would only be able to list maybe 10 out of your 55 solely veg restaurants, even though i've probably been to most of them. what i'm trying to say is that its super easy to only skim the surface and dismiss a place when there's many hidden treasures lurking beneath.

    anyway this is an old post now so who cares ;).


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