Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup


Nothing, it was more like "in". Suffering a bit of the depressed agoraphobia this week, so I had dinner parties instead.

Lost and Found Market

Sucks that its half the size, but what it lost in space it did not lose in quality. I find being there very meditative as I like pretty much everything. I wish I knew what I was doing with my life so I could start buying expensive furniture. There was a couch there that made my heart skip a beat. Best second hand store in Melbourne.


Idea Food and Wine

Review here

Von Haus

Dropped in for a coffee post Idea Food and Wine, favourite place in Melbourne. Its like heroin. Wub you.

Trippy Taco

Review here

Tart n Round

Review here.

La Panella Vegan Bakery

DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. We basically had vegan day on Saturday (see everything above) so we toddled into Preston from Tart n Round to go to La Panella to stock up on frozen goods. Almost.ate.them.all. Thankfully I was so sugared out from Tart n Round that I didn’t buy any donuts this time. I got 2x mushroom pies and 2x sausage rolls for $7. <3 supreme master!

1 comment:

  1. I had my first la panella iced doughnut today. It was THE GREATEST DOUGHNUT EVER.


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