Monday, October 12, 2009

lentil burgers


A quick and easy meal.

1x can of lentils - rised throughly
1/4 onion, small dice
Salt and pepper
1 glug of olive oil
fresh chilli sliced (I put chilli in everything dont mind me)
burger buns
salad greens/burger sauces of choice
1/4 cup of cooked cous cous
1x onion thinly sliced and cooked

1 can makes about 3 patties.

1. Mash the lentils till about half mashed. Add the salt/olive oil/pepper/diced onions/chilli/whatever seasoning you want and form lentils into patties.

2. Roll patties in cooked couscous until 'breaded'. Dry fry in a non stick fry pan.

3. Dress the burger. I used the left over basil pesto from the other day, veganaisse from Radical Grocery (yummiest once I've found) and a bit of tomato sauce, cause I'm a bogan like that.


  1. Yum! And possibly the easiest recipe I have seen for patties/burgers.

    On my list to make!

  2. they're pretty plain, the sauces on top make all the difference but they're nice to have instead of full on fake meat all the time

  3. Rolling them in couscous is a brilliant idea! I am going to give them a go.

  4. it makes them fry up really crispy and holds them together!


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