Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sourdough Ciabatta



Bread. I'm kind of exhausted by it to be honest, I think I need to take a bread making class. Also I'm sooooooooo sick of the clean up, the mess is unbelievable. I don’t want to turn you off trying to make bread, but it has been SO HARD wrapping my brain around what the hell is going on with it all.

So this is a bizarre recipe that I'm not even going to bother posting because none of you should try it. I kind of got disheartened and gave up on this bread before it had even had the second rise, I just left it as a pool of dough in the tin and whacked it in the oven. So it turned out almost like chewy, sour, flatbread and it was quite nice. However at this point I have a sinking heart towards it all.

I discovered this website "Seitan is my motor" that looks like it has incredibly accessible bread recipes on there that I'm willing to give a go. I just need to have a few really good successes because as you can tell.. I'm down on the whole thing right now. Can anyone recommend any bread courses that aren't a million dollars? <3


  1. it looks really pretty if that's any consolation.

  2. Oh but that bread look amahhhhhzing! Really!
    Not that I know you or have any idea of the bready induced pain you're going through, but maybe it's for the best if you just give it a little break if it's getting you down so much, and hop back on that yeasty horse when you're good and ready :)
    Personally, I find that no matter what bread recipe I follow I somehow always end up with almost exactly the same loaf of bread. It's a freakin mystery.

  3. making proper sourdough from scratch is REALLY HARD, I've had 9 duds before I got something I would consider decent...

    this bread tasted good... but it was just slop and was SO messy.. anyway I've found a bread making short course through William Angliss that I'm keen on doing.. perhaps the other food bloggers would be interested in doing it with me!


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