Friday, October 30, 2009

spinach ricotta raviolis


Inspired by wonton wrapper fever, I had some spinach about to go bad in the fridge so I decided to make spinach "ricotta" raviolis. Again this made a metric BUTTLOAD so you might want to halve the recipe. Also, as I discovered, you need to freeze them all individually not in one huge clump haha.

ingredients (recipe from The Voluptuous Vegan)

Stack of fresh wonton wrappers
500 gm of tofu (firm)
3 tbsp of olive oil
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp of mellow barley miso
some steamed spinach I used about half a bunch of silverbeet, you going to have to wing the amounts...

1. Whizz the mixture in a food processor. Voila. Fold into whatever shapes you like. Place into boiling water to cook (make sure they dont stick to the bottom), they take about 2-4 minutes to cook, they are ready when they float to the top of the water. I ate them with a basic red sauce, a recipe I will give you another time. Cindy and Michael posted this awesome you tube video on how to pleat them, here it is:


  1. Nice! I don't use miso enough. Did you eat them with some kind of sauce, or just as-is?

  2. Hi Cindy! yeah i just made a red sauce to go with them.. thanks I'll amend the entry to say so xo

  3. I looked at wanton wrappers yesterday and thought I should buy them - now I wish I had - these look really yummy


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