Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

I had a suuupppperrrr busy week last week, and it will just continue I think from now until May. woot.


Jane Brown

A Hopeless Tale of Eternity

Jane is a friend of a friend, so I went along to her opening to check it out. Stunning. Her black and white photos are just haunting and beautiful and very reasonably priced. Most prints are $280, if you are looking for a different Christmas present and want to buy something off a local artist, go and check this exhibition out.

The show continues until the 5th of December at Pigment Gallery, Level 2, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St (enter via Cathedral Arcade) Wed-Fri 12-6 Sat 12-4

The Informant - Steven Soderbergh (cant find a link it doesn’t open till Thursday)

What a good little hyper active Capricorn Soderbergh is. Soderberghs 3rd film to be released this year (and Che was a 2hr, 2 parter), doesn’t disappoint. The Girlfriend Experience was in my top five of films for this year and I think this is going to get in there too. A dry, melancholy comedy about a pathological liar with some serious mental issues, who takes everyone around him down with his psychosis. And by everyone I mean his entire corporation, the FBI and his family. Matt Damon is stunning and the rest of the 'bit part' cast is made up of stand up comedians/comedians which lends a wonderful dimension to the most banal interactions. You wont look at corn or lysine the same EVER again. Highly recommend.

Britney Spears - Circus - Rod Laver Arena

It was Britneys 5th and final show in Melbourne and apparently the lass wont perform to a stadium with one seat empty (or 4,000) so they gave away 4,000 tickets! Hooray! I sat there with a giant bag of chips a giant coke and shoved them into my gaping face for 1 hour and 40 minutes. It was just like Cirque du Soliel starring Britney. Can I just say that it is NOT appropriate for anyone under the age of 15, there is some seriously raunchy stuff in there, not to mention acrobatic gimps, amputees, guitar wailing midgets in mullets wigs, female acrobats rolling down from the sky in black Mexican wrestling outfits with silver sequined masks. Add in french antique furniture and the spectacle of a masked ball and my inner gay man squealed for the entire time. It was fucking ace. And fuck me are those people fit, they all basically did tae-bo for 90minutes in 6 inch stilettos. Oh and yes, lip sync ahoy but Britters did sing *one* song and I was surprised at how good her voice actually is. It’s a shame because obviously they worked so hard to get her working as its evident that about 1000 peoples livelihoods are dependent of her being able to stand up and wave her hands around, that part made me really sad.


The Union Hotel - Brunswick

My local, I went there for a few beers on Saturday night. Its super cute, too full of kids for my liking but you can ignore them. I find the food here too bland but perhaps you wont? It’s a great local, nothing really special but very pleasant to stumble the 5 houses home.

Madam Brussells

Stuck at the top of Bourke st in the rain and Von Haus apparently not open on Sunday it was a quick decision to dash across to Madama Brussells for a drink. Always a great decision, even though the crowd there is decidedly middle aged/and or females having 'garden parties' it just sweeps me up in its arms and we stayed for a few glasses of wine and Adrian had a toasty. A great place to catch up.


  1. Wow! Lucky you! How DID you get a free ticket to Britney??
    Jealous!! :)

  2. hi tahn! through a friend! it was nuts we got 12 free tickets so we were all the in same row. it was really cool.

  3. Sounds like you have been busy, this time of year always gets a bit crazy!


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