Wednesday, November 11, 2009

movida next door - melbourne


Ok get your Hannibal Lecter jokes out now. tee hee. Situated on the corner of Flinders St and our most iconic and apparently largest tourist attraction to Melbourne, the heavily graffiti-ed Hosier Lane, Movidas Next Door is hands down my favourite restaurant in Melbourne. The service is sublime, the wine and food sublime. The space, you guessed it, sublime. Served with salt crusted bread, this dish is pitch perfect. Vegans can also have the 'patatas bravas' there with the mayo on the side for your omni friends which will be featured here soon enough. The menu is limited for vegans (there is one other bean dish you can have without the tuna) but I find those two dishes are enough and its more about soaking up the service and the last bits of oil with my bread there than having a bajillion dishes to choose from (apparently Movidas proper has a larger selection available). Serving food until 11pm Tuesday to Saturday, its the perfect late night drunk food. Pure relaxed sophistication. If you're lucky you may spot *the* Franco Comorra cooking in the kitchen, in his year round shorts and sandals. Franco if you're reading this, marry me.

deets: Hosier Lane cnr Flinders st 03 9663 3038
$$: wine, generally around $12 mark per glass, artichoke hearts: $15


  1. That looks so good! And I always order patatas bravas whenever it's on the menu, yum.

  2. yeah YUMMERS! I usually find the patatas bravas on menu.. however the artichokes change with season.. but theres always something else...

  3. i want to go there so much now I see that photo - only ever managed to get a stool for dessert at movida but it was always worthwhile

  4. Looks great... good find re the artichoke dish! Must get there before it goes out of season.


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