Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Busy, two 4am days this week. Woot woot.


The Boys Are Back

Ahh Australian film, so pitch perfect, so heart wrenching, so unflinchingly real. Australian film is fucking exhausting and Scott Hicks new missive (director of Shine) is all of those things and more. It’s a beautiful film of loss, how grief makes you crazy and how your assumptions on things you take for granted can have profound impacts on the people you love without your knowledge. Beautiful, haunting film, I cried buckets. Not sure Id recommend going especially to the cinema for it, but definitely one to see. Big thanks to Jetsetting Joyce over at Mel:Hot or Not for the freebies! xo

Black Rock Beach

Well, stayin out getting pissed till all hours Wednesday morning meant of course, I didn’t go to work. I spent the afternoon at the beach instead with a nice boy. Naw. Then off to my tattoo appointment. Black Rock.. Noice beach bros.

Chapel Tatoo

I got mah leg FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 hours of tattooing and more than $1100 later… and a hell of a lot of pain.. Tears.. Sweat.. And swearing and the motherfucker is actually FUCKING DONE. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.


Book Club

This months book was "Wake in Fright" by Kenneth Cook. Terrifying, sickening, saddening, depressing. A bit of Australian literary history to definitely read, but I didn’t enjoy the book.


Roseannadu. It was Roseanne, it was Xanadu. It was Roseannadu. NO ONE DRESSED UP except me and Beaver. I went as David, but it didn’t matter, best queer night in Melbourne. I had SO MUCH FUN. Its just nice to be in a normal space full of normal people, no mongers, no hipsters, no crazy people. Just FUN. F U N.


Old Bar

I havent been to Old Bar in a million years. This week was a wacky one, my days started one way, had plans on being another and then ended up being something utterly different. I logged online after the movie and began chatting to someone I'd been meaning to meet for ages, spur of the moment I was riding my bike over to Fitzroy at midnight to get shitfaced at the Old Bar till closing time. Odd mix of people getting pissed on a Wednesday morning. Lotsofun.

Tom Phat

More tofu scramble goodness. I cant ever stop. Ever.



Bowl of Soul

I finally got something different.


  1. I had Tabet's this week too! I ate it too quickly to take a photo though. But mmmm.

  2. Your tattoo looks great!! I had Tom Phat scrambled tofu on Sunday & it was delicious.

  3. Hey, I'm glad you liked The Boys are Back (even if I didn't particularly). My friend also loved it and cried and cried.

    Jetsetting Joyce

  4. it hit home hard for me though, having lost a very dear and old friend to cancer in January... the story was quite similar to the one my friend went through... so perhaps.. yeah... affinity


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