Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Melbourne Roundup

It was an overly planned week, which I then ditched. Here is my pared down week! Happy Holidays kidlets, I don’t know how much I'll be posting until I come back to work on the 4th. Be good my loves!



I didn’t have my camera on me but I enjoyed a Napolitana pizza, minus the anchovies and capers. Soooo yummy. So much roasted garlic. I do like the pumpkin pizza too, but does anyone know if the soy cheese they use is vegan? I will ask next time but if someone knows…

Roller Derby Xmas Party @ The Park Hotel

Oh the lovely ladies of roller derby. The Park Hotel is a great local down in Abbotsford, I ate some pumpkin dip, vegan psring rolls and babaganoush, they were all delicious. And the ladies behind the bar? Woot woo!


Northside Clinic

Do you need excellent, ethical health care from people who actually give a shit? Northside Clinic is your answer.

370 St Georges Rd
Fitzroy North VIC 3068, Australia
(03) 9485 7700


  1. Last time I checked (about a year ago), the soy cheese at Bimbo's wasn't vegan.

  2. yeah it doesn't taste like any discernible vegan cheese I know and love... bugger.. the organico can be hit and miss anyway....

  3. Hey Carla,

    Have you had an invite to the vegan potluck happening on December 29? If not and you'd like details, email me at wheresthebeef_blog[at] . :-)

  4. I am really going to check out the Northside Clinic especially since we are hanging around now I want to find somewhere good. I hope they are taking new patients.

  5. seriously, they are the best, I see Thai Lim there...

  6. You have to wonder why they bother to make non vegan soy cheese...

  7. some people eat soy cheese because they are lactose intolerant but yeah I mean cmon... most people who are going to be wanting to buy your soy cheese are veg*ns


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