Thursday, January 28, 2010

east brunswick club - CLOSED


Rudest service I have ever experienced in Melbourne. We arrived at 6.15pm, there was ONE table that had four people sitting at it and four people waiting at the bar to be served. We waited TEN MINUTES to have our order taken, then, no Bulmers ontap today, oh can I have a ginger beer, after faffing around, running out the back, no ginger beer today, oh well I guess we'll have soda water. I was seething by then but thought bugger it I'll just have my meal and go. We ate the cheese and bacon burger first which was really quite nice (too much mustard) but the sloppy joe type patty they make is REALLY GOOD, we were still hungry after sharing the burger so we got the parma. The parma was good but they use Toffutti (god knows why, I mean cheezly cmon!) and I was really sick the next day after eating it (the squirts people, bad) too much processed food for this buttercup. We had finished the burger and was waiting for the parma, the same rude guy from the counter delivered the burger but just left the empty plate there and walked away. I wanted to throw it at his head. The EBC is up there with that shit hole The Retreat in my mind, but uniquely to the EBC they have the rudest service and most expensive alcohol Northside. Never going back to either of them.


  1. Yeah, I've received horrendous service there on several occasions. But the so-junky-it's-good food (and Tuesday night trivia!) pulls me back every now and then. It would be a different story if I lived closer to Bowl of Soul.

  2. i had the cheese and bacon burger a month or so ago and had the same thing with WAY too much mustard. i thought maybe it was a one off incident but i guess that's how they do them. it was really nice other than that though.

  3. shawna, it really kills the flavour huh! at least next time you know to ask with less mustard or get it on the side or something... they'd probably spit in it for you asking though...

    cindy: yeah I guess thats where I compare it to A LOT, as I work near Bowl of Soul and can go there whenever....

  4. I've had pretty good service (for a pub) every time I've been there, but yeah, totally understanding you on the squirt situation. I don't think there is anything fishy going on with the food, it's just that I'm not used to eating so much processed junk.
    Last time I went I swore I would never eat there again- it just made me feel so ugh afterwards.

  5. Hello Carla,
    Vegetarian and Vegan Eateries in Glasgow...
    Now you are asking.
    To be honest I don't eat out that often, but the ones with an * I have been to at least once and would recommend.
    Here are a selection of Vegetarian and Vegan eateries in Glasgow and Edinburgh that you may want to check out. You should be able to find links on the web to most of them.
    *Stereo on 20-28 Renfield Lane, Glasgow.
    *Mono, (okay service really slow)King's Court, King's Street Glasgow
    *The 13th Note (this is my favourite), 50-60 King Street, Glasgow
    *Grassroots Café on St Georges Road, Kelvingrove Unfortunately, it closed down early last year.
    The 78, 10 - 14, Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow.
    *Teahouse Tchai near Glasgow University.
    Kalpnas, Indian vegetarian restaurant
    Black Bo's,Vegetarian Restaurant
    L'Artichaut, French vegetarian restaurant
    *The Baked Potato Shop, Vegetarian and vegan fastfood such as haggis pakoras and haggis samosas on baked potato
    *Henderson's Bistro, an famous Edinburgh vegetarian cafe and restaurant.
    David Bann, Vegetarian restaurant,
    Check out my link for my last trip to Edinburgh.

    I hope this info. helps.
    Warm wishes from cold snowy blowy Scotland.

  6. We had a social dinner at EBC with the Cage Free Campus Society (Melbourne Uni group) and it was too much for the poor dears to handle. I ordered a salad which was the only thing on the menu that wasn't deep fried, about an hour later they came and told me there was no salad.

  7. hi grey, wow they couldnt even give you a salad.. that sucks...

  8. hi mango cheeks thanks so much for your suggestions!!

  9. yep ,a bearded guy there brought us nonvegan food and wrong number of parmas , we ordered 3 vegan parmas and one vegan chilli fries, the fries were dairy cheese and there werent enough parmas , he wouldnt back down that we ordered less parmas and that if we wanted vegan fries we should have specified... we had rehearsed and emphasised the word vegan and even double checked the order with him at the counter, the look he was giving me was as if he was about to start a punch up!
    *customer is always wrong*

    and after the mixup the parmas were all smaller than everyone else was getting cause they were running out by that point even though we'd ordered 45 min earlier :o)

  10. Hi Tim,

    wow... just wow...


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