Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

My birthday week, so lots of eating!



Is this what passes as contemporary Australian content for the middle aged these days? It was so appalling we left within ten minutes. Think of the worst 'Comedy Company' Mark Mitchell-esque Kevin Rudd/politician parody and then make it so appalling you are embarrassed to call yourself Australian, and there you have the first ten minutes of Godzone. -5/10

On a side note: My MTC subscription 2009 was a complete dud (minus 3 plays we absolutely adored and one play we were luke warm on), the states of the arts in Australia is traumatising if this is the kind of content that gets 'bums on seats' so they can have funding to do worthwhile plays. We have bought a mini subscription for this year, there was five plays we were interested in but a mini is seven so lets see what happens. What I learned about the MTC, see NOTHING in the new Sumner Theatre, see NO comedies and only go to plays that have Noni Hazlehurst or Robin Nevin in them (and no BIG name stars - that Guy Pearce play beyond shit and the Hugo Weaving one was incredibly offensive). Very sad/angry. I think I will get a subby to Red Stitch again this year, we stopped going because although the plays were amazing, we were suicidal after going each time. Now we're suicidal from mediocrity, a Red Stitch subby along with a mini to the Opera and MTC should be a good balance!


Movidas Aqui

Le swoon le sigh. Frank Camorra, I want your babies. Movidas, as I'm sure you've all heard me waffle on about, is my favourite restaurant in Melbourne. The new site, Aqui is just another extension of an extremely strong brand bringing you mouth watering fresh food at decent prices by wonderful staff. It was my birthday and I didn’t feel like whipping out the camera, I can say they were very polite and accommodating about my veganism. I ordered three of the salads, one with the grilled tuna on the side and the patatas braves with the mayo on the side. Delectable. Amazing. It nails all three things for me. Service that is magic genie style but they still have personality, mouth watering food and a communal eating space that is warm and lively without being too busy. Frank really is a genius.

Space: not as great as Next Door, but we were sitting outside, next time we'll sit closer to the bar 9/10
Food: patatas bravas always amazing, the tomato salad was to die for, the roasted capsicum salad not so great but then again I don’t really like capsicum 9/10
Service: a magic genie, super polite not too stuffy 10/10

Overall 19/20


We headed to Gingerboy for dessert. Gingerboy has given me the most delicious vegan meal I've ever eaten and I've been fantasising about going back. They gave me a couple of options after speaking to the kitchen but I chose to have the same thing I had the first time as it was so delicious. Banana fritters rolled in sherbet with homemade coconut sorbet. The crunch of the batter, the tingle zing of the sherbet and the sorbet is the creamiest it should be a crime sorbet I've ever had. The staff are wonderful, the space, although tight, is lively on a Saturday full of 30 somethings on dates (great people watching). We had espresso martinis. Tres fantastique. I am a lucky lucky girl. (full review and photos coming soon).

I'm not even going to disseminate: 20/20 for dessert.

Enlightened Cuisine

Fake meat coma. We had one of the banquets and it was awesome. Not something I will indulge in very often (I also had tramautising dreams afterward haha) but it was such a treat to go somewhere and know I can order everything off the menu. Full post with pictures to come.

Space: a little too formal for me 8/10
Service: magic genie wonderful 9/10
Food: full point just for the amazing peking 'duck' but in reality it was probably a bit too full on for me 8/10

Overall: 16/5


  1. I <3 Gingerboy desserts. Desperate to go back.

  2. Gingerboy - I gotta get my arse over there, have heard so many great things from foodies.

    Enlightened cuisine, I should try a banquet sometime, but the fake meats I have had there are always great. That peking duck is incredible (although, I never liked real duck in the olden pre-veg days so maybe I'm a bad judge).

    And, Happy birthday!

  3. Oooh I am going to Gingerboy this Friday! And I am a huge dessert fan, so hopefully they have a dessert platter so I can try lots of them.

    I had free tix to Godzone and after the dire reviews decided I valued my free time more. Glad I made the right decision.

    Jetsetting Joyce

  4. thanks niki! yes the duck is UNREAL, duck is one of the things I miss the most from meat so to have this is awesome! yep the banquet is definitely on, however I ate dessert too and was so full I couldnt breathe properly.

    yep joyce good plan. and yes they have a dessert platter! xo

  5. Boy, you sure are an idiot... God of Carnage has won pretty much every best play award there is, and Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce are big names in any sane individual's book. You seem not to understand satire, and in being generally easily offended, make all of us vegetarians look weak and sniveling.

  6. I'll just let your comment speak for itself.


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