Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

It was a busy week, which was probably for the best because I had a big ole case of the blues, that started last weekend and stretched to Saturday. There was no reason, just felt lethargic, unmotivated, apathetic which is really strange for me because usually I'm so up beat. Anyway I went with it (even though I realllly didn’t want to go to Camera Obscura) and ended up getting that monkey off my back eventually.


David Sedaris - The Arts Centre

Ive been a fan of David Sedaris for a few years (I seem to have discovered him late!) through listening to his stories on This American Life (wonderful WONDERFUL radio show if you don’t listen to it). I went and saw a performance of The Santaland Diaries a few Christmases ago and I was hooked. I only recently read one of his books 'Holidays on Ice' a collection of his holiday stories but have read quite a few short stories he has written for the New Yorker. I was happy to hear stories I'd heard before, as the telling of something, especially things that actually happened to the person is way funnier, but Id only heard one of his stories before which was a great surprise. A wonderful, affable man with a demented sense of humour, he is really wonderful. If you are not familiar with his work listen to some of his stories here.

Bright Star

Jane Campion is other worldly, really. Her new film about the poet John Keats quite tragic life and his love affair with Miss Fanny Braun is heartbreakingly beautiful. Jane Campion is a master film maker, everything in this film was superb (and mainly made by women too!) the costumes, the lighting, the performances, the sets, the script, was breathtaking. She really captures the minutia of daily life and humans which lends such wonderful dimensions to her characters. I had a little tear, totally. Where does she find these child actors? They are all ethereal. Really really wonderful and I would highly recommend going and seeing it. Bring a tissue. Thanks to Jetsetting Joyce for my two-for-one pass.

Chapel St Bazaar

I freaking love this place!! The only time I go to Mexico is to get tattooed so I have a lot of favourites I squeeze into my visits when I'm over there. Like Borsch, Vodka and Tears, the coffee place I cant remember whos name, and Chapel St bazaar!! So reasonably priced as well, if you're into treasure hunting and vintage things and haven't been there you are crazy. As Joyce (click on the link) can attest, hot.

Camera Obscura - The Corner

The crowd was sooo twee I had a tooth ache. Can I just say the Corner is such a crap venue! So many columns, you can barely see the stage anywhere you stand! Unpleasantries out of the way, this gig was wonderful. I love love LOVE Camera Obscura and missed them the first time they came out here in 2007, they are so tight and their sound is so crystal clear really impressive. Le swoon, le sigh.


Movidas Aqui

Review here.


  1. Is it lavender in the video? I love lavender... :)

  2. Hey, I went to camera obscura as well last weekend, they are really good aren't they? the opening act, slow club, was also good :)

  3. Hooray for Camera Obscura, from what I could see between shoulders and columns they were a bunch of blobs moving about onstage. But from what I could hear, they were mindblowingly beautiful.

  4. so so so beautiful, they are amazing musicians!

  5. Slow Club were annoying, I saw a lot of similar bands in the UK a few years ago, so it must be a trend that's still going strong...I enjoyed Camera Obscura but still long for venues with sloped floors so I can see past tall men who insist on standing up front.


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