Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

I had a bad week of not taking photos!! And the one meal I took photos of I didn’t get the details of the place ha! I'm pretty sure its At Home Thai, but that’s the beauty of Sydney, you can walk into almost any hole in the wall Thai place and eat the most delicious asian food you've eaten in a long ass time. Thanks Sydney.


Williamstown Beach

Straya day at the beach, Clare and I rode the 20kms from Brunswick down to Williamstown, its quite a pretty ride. Although its desolate shipping crates, the colours are really beautiful and the bike path is awesome. We stopped for hot chips before peddaling down to the water. It was really windy so the water visibility wasn’t great, and Williamstown is full of rocks so I couldn’t stay long in the water. There were also TONNES of jellyfish, they are so gross. It was such a great day and we caught the train home with our bikes, perfect crime.

Book club @ The Union

My pick this month, I chose Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, my favourite book EVER. I'm so glad the girls liked it. I ate the spring rolls and as with all of their food it was quite bland and the dipping sauce was meh. Why is their food so bad? Anyway great pub, not so great food.

Museum of Contemporary Art - Sydney

I snuck in a trip before I went to see Precious. I'd heard amazing things about the main exhibition there but it was $15 and I really resent having to pay for art, especially at the MCA where there is SO MUCH corporate sponsorship and government subsidies. Its wrong. Art should be available for everyone. If I go back to Sydney and its still on I will pay to go, I just didn’t have time, but yeah that’s how I feel about that. The bottom gallery show was pretty boring, there was some interesting Aboriginal pieces, the MCA has really gone downhill over the past 5 years. It used to be my favourite place to go in Sydney and the last few times have been really disappointing.


Precious is 16, illiterate, pregnant with her second child to her father and living with her abusive mother. I guess that tells you all you need to know whether you want to see it or not. On a technical side, I (I'm siding with David Stratton on this totally) cant STAND THIS WHOLE documentary style camera work these days, it makes me nauseous and guess what YOU ARE NOT SHOOTING A DOCUMENTARY ON HIGH 8!! The film (as is with my gripe most days) too long, whatever happened to 1 hour and a half precision? The story telling was kind of clunky but the film was amazing. Really touching and the performances were jaw dropping. Seriously, Mariah Carey, I have totally TOTALLY misjudged you. Although the story is totally depressing there is really hope that comes out of this film, inspiration. That through it all, you can maintain your dignity through any adversity. Tear jerker.

Paddys Markets

Man I havent been to Paddys since I lived in Sydney and yes its still chocka block of stripper outfits and mobile phones. I visited the second hand book stall and got To Kill a Mockingbird and a Ben Elton for $12. Very happy. I'll have to go on a raid again the next time I'm in Sydney.


Badde Manors

I did my chai at Badde Manors. The service is still unbelievably rude but that’s Sydney for you. I actually bumped into someone walking out of the door and said 'oh I'm sorry' and they just glared at me and barged past me. That’s Sydney for you too. I've been living in Melbourne too long, I get really upset with people are rude to me haha!

East Brunswick Club

Review here.

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