Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

A busy busy week.



I cant realistically give a proper account of this meal as it was an unmitigated disaster from a personal level. I will do a post with the photos and at least show you what I ate and what was good. To come later.


The Drowsy Chaperone

I think we're all aware of my dissatisfaction with MTC in last years subscription. This year we did things differently and only did a mini. This was one of our 'filler' plays (we only wanted to see 4 plays but a mini sub is 7 plays) and boy was I glad I went. I had to have a little faith in Geoffrey Rush too really. The play was in the Art Centre theatre so there was already a 50% chance it was going to be good! The staging was wonderful and an amazing cast including Robyn Nevin and the ever beautiful Rhonda Birchmore. A musical, it was incredibly wry and hilarious, 2 hours with no intermission. I would highly recommend seeing this. I haven't laughed that hard at a musical since The Producers. Geoffrey Rush was completely wonderful in it and the costumes were stunning. All round success for me. Nice work MTC. Here's to hoping it’s a good year!

A Prophet

2 3/4 hours. Too long. Could have been really amazing. Worlds. Longest. Movie.

The xx - Instore at Polyester

Sublime. I weaseled my way to the front and stared at the scarily whilst being completely blissed out. The are freaking amazing and I'm so glad I got to see them at the instore. Thanks Dave.

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