Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

I cooked something new!! So wait for the recipe which will be up this week. I'm slowly getting back into my groove, having all new furniture has really rejuevenated me. Last week was INSANELY busy so I am forcing myself to stay in as much as possible this week/long weekend. I have a few art projects I've been working on at home so I'm going to finish them this weekend. Also as you've no doubt gleaned I've been super depressed over the past couple of months so this week is the festival of Carla!! I'm going to get a body wax, a massage, a pedicure and a facial. I'm going to be all shiny and new by the end of the week. Happy days.


The Maltese Consulate

I applied for my EU Citizenship this week, a monumental event for me. Dreams of retiring in Spain have kept me off the ground all week. I could apply through heritage (2 lines of family born there) but getting the documentation took me 6 months. Apparently it could take them up to 18 months to process my application but I've made plans to stay in Melbourne for 3 years so, I gotst time. Hoorah!

Book Club at the Penny Black

This months book was Loaded by Christos Tsiolkas. I loved it. Its become one of my favourite books ever. Eerily similar to my own teenage years its not often I find things I identify with so easily. "Are you proud of being Greek", "I'm happy I'm Greek, but I'm not proud". Sigh. Christos. The Penny Black continues to be my favourite bar in Sydney Road. I had yummy wedges with harissa.

John Waters - The Art Centre

Pink Flamingos is my favourite movie of ALL TIME. Without a doubt the best experience of my entire life. I can die happy now.

Listen with headphones - NSFW (or sensitive ears)

Sydney Road Festival

Boring! I only hung around for a little while, why does it always bring out so many ferals?

The Road

Stunning. Breathlessness, gorgeousness. John Hillcoat is freaking amazing. The only thing that REALLY irritated me was the product placement in the film. Was that necessary AT ALL?!?!? Coke, Doles canned foods, Cheetos and Vitamin Water, really really disappointing and detracted from what was an absolutely amazing film. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis' soundtrack was beautiful. Thanks to Penny at Three Thousand for the double pass.



No update because I ate exactly the same thing there as I did the first time. Lentil parcels, asaparagus in a nest, avocado rolls and tofu crème caramel. It was totally and utterly delicious and everyone who works there is so so friendly. We had 3 beers and a coffee and the bill was $40 each. Bargain as far as I'm concerned.


  1. Congrats on being able to pull yourself out of the deep! I wish I could of helped you more but I'm battling my own shit. Fuck a critical and negative self assessing brain! It's funny that you are turning a corner - today I said to myself - you've got to get your shit together - so I have started to totally declutter my house in a hope I'll declutter my brain! (Hopefully it lasts longer than my usual attempts to get my shit together!).

    Hugs to you!

  2. You're not wrong on the feral observation. I dropped by Woolies on my way to work and was instantly surrounded by a mass of unwashed, crustyasfuck ferals. I've never seen so many in one area ever. I hopped on my bike and pedalled out of there as fast as I could!!

  3. I was at John Waters too!! How hilarious & just brilliant is he? I need to turn into a gay men so that I can run off with him.


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