Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup (Wednesday edition)

A relatively quiet week. I'm feeling loads better, I got made permanent at my job so I will have no money for a million years (I'm switching from weekly pay to monthly pay, my first pay 5 days before I go to Europe which is probably a good thing).



Oh Noni. This play was the most suicidally depressing play I've seen in ages, it was really superb but really, only see it if you are prepared to want to slash your wrists afterwards. Amazingly acted, Noni is just stunning always. MTC subscription, I have perhaps figured you out, the three plays I've seen this year so far have been spectacular. From the MTC website:
"In a hotel room overlooking the Spanish Steps in Rome, three versions of a story are told at three different times: by an older woman Lilian, by a young woman June, and by an older man Nathan. As each reveals how they came to be in that room, the audience pieces together the story of a young man’s mysterious disappearance and its shattering implications.

In Madagascar, playwright J.T. Rogers meditates on the past’s ability to hold on to us and our slow-arriving acceptance that it may never let go."


The Vegie Bar

I ate what I usually eat, house salad with rice balls which is always amazing. But I tried some of Daves fake duck stir fry thing and it was out of control, I am so getting that next time.

Horse Bazaar

Clicky clicky.

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