Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Frightfully broke at the moment. Switching from weekly pay to monthly pay and trying to get money together for my trip to Europe in 5 weeks, so no eating out for a while! But in other news I finally finished all of my home improvements! I made cushion covers, painted a cabinet and finished the light box this weekend (though I need to find a lower watt bulb that doesn’t heat up so much). I'm going to re-do my bathroom before I go overseas (oh just a new bathmat and shower curtain) and I'm feeling all refreshed and new. Rebuilt my computer on the weekend and cooked loads from my first Moreland Organic Fruit and Veg co-op box. So expect LOTS of recipes coming this week.


The Bear/Angelique - The Victorian Opera

Two operas for the price of one! I love the opera, the costumes, the sets, the staging. Its mainly the costumes that kill me. The Victorian Opera of course being the poorer cousin to Opera Australia, it was still magical nonetheless. Both operas were sung in English and were comedies, the first, the Bear, the age old tale of the crotchety woman filled with scorn inpiring love from men. The second a wonderful French almost pantomime comedy about a horrible wife and her husbands attempts to sell her. They were both so adorable and full of whimsy, I had a smile on my face for days afterwards. These tickets were comps through my Fringe Festival membership (seriously get on the membership bandwagon, I get so many free tickets to things).

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