Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bowl of Soul - Closed!

The ever wonderful Port Melbourne eatery have closed their doors. That makes 3 awesome vegie places this year!!

RIP Bowl of Soul one, two, three, four.

also RIP Tart'n'Round and Idea Food and Wine.

I will untag the locations off these posts and remove them from my google map. Sad fase.


  1. What? No!! I never got around to going to Bowl of Soul! Sad sad. At least with TnR I was advised ahead of time.

    Rainbow Silence Heart on Bridge Road also closed some time during 2009.

  2. No!!!!!!!!! That is dreadful news - we were popping over to BOS for lunch today.... I'm just gutted for those lovely guys.

  3. hi guys, I'm pretty sure it was by choice. I talked to Alina and Shane often and they were just over it and wanted to move back overseas. Food business is really physically hard. I have no doubt it wasnt due to lack of business, those guys were slammed most of the time.

  4. Well I'm glad that they weren't forced out but sad that I'll never have that awesome scrambled tofu again.


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