Friday, April 23, 2010

chilli oil


Lots of chillis a few weeks ago with the vegie box. I LOVE chilli but even I thought I wouldnt be able to get through them. Inspired by Bimbos Deluxe I decided to make my own chilli oil.

There are a few different techniques out there on the web. I was concerned about the chillis going bad in the oil, so I cant guarantee this wont happen (as it hasnt been long enough for them to go bad) but I'll keep you posted, so far so good.

10 long or birds eye chillis
500mls of olive oil (or your preferred cooking oil)

1. Scrub the chillis well (be mindful of what you touch afterwards!), slice and cook them in the oil for 10 minutes on medium. They should almost be boiling when done. Apparently this heat for this length of time is sufficient to kill any bacteria.

2. Pour the oil into a thoroughly washed and semi steralised jar (I just sit boiled water in the jar until it goes room temperature). Enjoy! Mine tasted lethally hot but all chillis are different.


  1. These did not spoil and used them over a 4 month period. This was a fantastic way to preserve and use chillis over time.

  2. Love it! Thanks Carla - Ricky has grown some seriously good-looking birdseye chilis, and I'm totally gonna preserve them this way. Did you leave the oil in the fridge over the 4 month period, or in the cupboard?

  3. hi vanessa, just kept it in the cupboard. one of the best things I've made!!! good luck


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