Thursday, April 8, 2010

Green and Blacks

I was devastated a few months ago when I went to buy some Green and Blacks from the supermarket and noticed their 'suitable for vegans' line was missing from the back of the packet and "Organic Milk Powder" was listed as the last ingredient on the pack. I finally got off my butt and went to their website to read what was up:

"Q: The vegan statement has gone; has the product ever been suitable for vegans?

By definition vegan products contain no ingredients derived from animals within the recipe and this still remains true for Green & Black’s dark chocolate. However as our dark chocolate is made on the same production line as our milk chocolate there is some risk of cross contact. As a result, the desire for clearer allergen labelling now conflicts with the vegan statement and we have removed it from our labelling.

Q: The ingredient list will show organic whole milk powder. Is this now an ingredient in Green & Black's dark chocolate?

No, the decision to show milk as an ingredient was simple. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that our dark chocolate will be free from traces of milk as it is made on the same production line and we have therefore included it as an ingredient to ensure consumers, especially milk allergy sufferers, are aware of the possibility."

So essentially the product is still exactly the same, has been made to the same recipe since 1998 they just feel the need to list the possible trace amount at the end of the ingredients list.

How do you guys feel about this? I know Rachel went down the same path with Haighs. I'm inclined to still keep eating it. I drink alcohol and eat sugar that was possibly refined using animal products (I don't check) and some of the products I eat are processed in plants that process milk products (though do not feel the need to label that yet).

Thoughts and feelings would be awesome. Personally I'm still inclined to keep eating Green and Blacks. They are the only green, organic, free trade chocolate that doesnt taste like burnt ass hair.


  1. Hi there,

    Pip at The Fairest Feed did some good work on this Green & Black's issue a while ago:

    Also, Australian sugar isn't processed with bone char, so an easy win there. And it's generally agreed that plants that process milk products are vegan-ok because of the industrial cleaning of machines, and that trace ingredients are probably at the same level as if you ate off a plate that someone had served dairy on - hence the annoyance at the Green & Black's Haigh's decision.

  2. thank you so much. I'm still going to eat it, fair trade is really super becoming important to me.

  3. We all have priorities! For me, I won't eat it. It says it's an ingredient, and so I don't want to rely on 'insider knowledge' that it's not reeeeally in there. And I guess it's the principle - I don't believe traces constitute an ingredient, so I don't think it should be listed as such. But you're right; there's a distinct lack of fair trade choc around and it's important we support what there is (actually, there's Cocolo, which totally rocks and has yummy flavours - but no Maya Gold!).

  4. I will try cocolo.. I believe I've tried it before and was not that impressed... but am open other other alternative as well :D

  5. I love Cocolo...worked for them for a bit - the almond bar is especially yummy!

  6. Hey Carla,

    Have you tried Loving Earth's raw chocolate?

    It's amazing and is becoming pretty widely available.


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