Friday, April 30, 2010

Members Cafe - Tate Modern - London


Exhausted from having done 5 floors of the Tate Modern I used my flatmates members card to go up to the members cafe and have a rest. Everything is pre made in boxes and I had to pick out the mozzarella but for an on-the-go snack this was freakin delicious. Rocket, wild mushrooms, ennoki mushrooms and a light dressing I was surprised at how sophisticated something could be coming out of a box. But pre-made meals is what London does WELL. Always fresh and made on the day you can get various kinds of salads and sandwiches at ANY supermarket (Waitrose is the best for pre made salad). Australia has a lot to learn on this respect, but I guess we have a slower life with time to eat as opposed to the 13 million day time population of London.

I enjoyed with a really super spicy ginger beer called Belvoir.

deets: Bankside London
$$: Salad £4.10 ginger beer £2.35

(I am assuming that you can buy this in the non member cafe as well)


  1. Glad you are continuing to post during your travels - and it sounds like you are having a great time!

    I agree that London (and the UK) does pre=made meals in a box well but the fresh food is depressing compared to Australia and I hate all their soggy sandwiches in boxes - it was much harder to get a fresh salad sandwich made up in the UK when I lived there and it didn't seem a good swap!

  2. Mm I did love the premade salads and sandwiches at M&S. The wheatberry and the giant couscous salads, mmmmm.

    That pasta sounds delish, what was the dressing? I wanna make it.


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