Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup - Los Angeles and London edition

Well peeps, my travels have begun and I am knackered. Man have a eaten a lot of food over the past week but reviews will just have to wait for the singular posts. I will say that its been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!


MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Los Angeles.

This is a gorgeous building nestled into the LA Design Centre complex (which is an astonishing building in its own right). The exhibition is free and it is "LAS VEGAS STUDIO: IMAGES FROM THE ARCHIVES OF ROBERT VENTURI AND DENISE SCOTT BROWN". Denise Scott and Robert Venturi took their photography students to Vegas every year for a field trip from 68 to 72 and thisis a collection of the images. Lush and soaked in dusty glamour the photos are beautiful. Highly recommend.

The Farm Tavern - Brighton

My friends favourite local. Great pub, friendly staff, dogs welcome, free left over roasted potatoes on a Sunday. Best.

Los Angeles

Best for: Op shopping. FREAKING BEST.
Vegan food
Santa Monica
Venice Beach


Best for: Theatre
Modern Art
Public Transport

Brighton, England

Vintage clothes in the North Laines
West Pier
Being too cute for words



Gluten free (mainly) and refined sugar free (mainly) vegan bakery in the heart of downtown LA. Yum yum yum. Review here.

Real Food Daily

My LA must do for everyone. Review here.

Native Foods

Another vegan restaurant, too heavy on the fake meat for me but still good! Review here.


  1. WOW Carla! Sounds like an awesome trip! Is there a main destination? Have a heap of fun and look forward to reading about it !


  2. Hi Tahn,

    my final destinatons are london, berlin and edinburgh! so excited!


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