Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Super busy week again. News with me, well this year was the year that I conquer all of my fears (well most of them I mean, I'm a pretty phobic person). So I have started running. I would like to say its all about health but its also about vanity. I want to lose weight and I want to stay hot and the only way I can do this is either getting an eating disorder or learning to love running, for the rest of my life. I'm choosing running. I'm doing the Princes Park track which is right near my house (its 3.3kms) and I'm following a training plan. Next step will be to get comfortable in gyms (I will tackle this in the later half of the year, one baby step at a time). I have to say its getting easier each time I go and I'm on my 4th lap this week. I'm vaguely shooting to do the Harbour Bridge run in September with my Aunty. Its 9kms. I would be super stoked if I could run that, but I will most likely be overseas so will have to find something equivalent (I was locked into it at my sisters wedding when I was pissed and optimistic I would get super fit this year).



Beautiful, amazing film. 4/5 (I have seen SO MUCH French cinema lately. Its really great)

Up In The Air (I'm including all 2010 films in out - I watched this on my projector)

BORING. I actually turned this off. I think it was supposed to be some sort of think piece staring a 'hunk' about how our modern lives have disconnected us from like ya know real people n shit. 1/5

Crazy Heart

Duuuuuuuuude, I LOVE Jeff Bridges and this film was O K. Nothing great. Just your average muscian-loser-turning-his-life-around-because-of-a-woman flick. Everyone just goes ga-ga when an actor can sing and act at the same time. Cmon! 2.5/5

Josh Earl vs The Womens Weekly Birthday Cake Book

Let me tell you a little story. I was violently jealous of every kid whos mother would make them their birthday cake out of this book when I was a child. I used to think I had the shittest parents ever. Fast forward to my adult years where we vow NEVER TO BE LIKE OUR PARENTS and I bought the book with the intention of letting my friends pick out the birthday cake they want every year. So when I heard Josh "so-adorable-you-want-to-put-him-in-your-pocket" Earl was doing a show about said book I immediately bought tickets for me and Clare (who was ALSO obsessed with the book as a child but had a far better mother than mine). If you have a fondness for Australiana, cute boys in skinny jeans with a guitar singing funny songs about birthday cakes get thee to this show immediately. I think its on for another week.

Soul a Go Go - April Party

BEST! I went out for.. you know... like FUN. Just for FUN. Not for the opera or theatre or film or festival or food... for FUN. I need to do this more often and I think soul a go go will be that outlet. The new venue is good though they dont sell cider. I repeat, they are in Fitzroy and do no sell cider and their smoking section is like the 'exercise yard' in a prison, but its far better than the old Laundry. AND I stayed out till 12.30!! Woo hoo! Look out nanna!


Grigons and Orr

Yes, I'm super late to this party (but its in North Melbourne she whines).


My favourite hideaway in festival seasons.



  1. I want to give the Josh Earl's show a go, I loved that book - I had the castle cake so many years in a row!

    I've been to see Josie Long, Hannah Gadsby and Fear of a Brown Planet Returns. Going to MICF is heaps of fun!

  2. I've heard the Josie Long show is good! I really want to go to the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore show but alas I have run out of money SUCKS as this is the first year I've actually wanted to go to heaps of things.

    I'm going to Julian Clary though!


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