Friday, April 16, 2010

Moreland Organic Food Co-op

I've just joined the co-op (about a month ago) and I have to say it AWESOME. Going to a local house once a week to get all of my fruit and veg. The more people we have in the co-op the greater variety we will have in the boxes. If you are interested in joining please read the welcome letter below.

Hi there,

Thanks for inquiring about the Moreland Food Co-op. We are a collective of houses that pool our money to buy bulk wholesale organic vegies. We save money by cutting out the middle man and are volunteer run with no profits.

We have $25 boxes and $50 boxes of mixed vegies and fruit available each week. The boxes will generally contain three different types of fruit and five types of veg and they’re seasonally influenced - we only buy what is in season from Australian organic suppliers - so the mix is different every week. On average, the $25 box contains around 4-6+kg of fruit with the $50 box being twice that size.

Ordering is as easy as transferring funds to the co op bank account by Monday night and you can order on whichever weeks you like, ie you don’t have to order every week because it’s not a subscription service. Member households take turns sorting the delivery into the $25 and $50 boxes ordered that week.

Our supplier is a local distributor and delivery is made to the co op host house in Brunswick, and this is where you pick up your box on Thursday’s in the weeks that you order.

Here’s how it all works:

Ordering and pick up:

You order a box by transferring money on by Monday night to the co-op bank account (details on the over leaf). In the comments on the transfer you need to include your address and your name, the text should read something like “34BrunswickStSarah”, so we know that you’ve ordered a box. You then pick up your box of vegies on Thursday at 7:00pm from the host house in Brunswick*.

Extra fruit (and now honey!) can be ordered by adding an extra $5, $10 or $15 to your order and the text “+fruit” or “+honey” in place of your name in the transfer comments. Depending on availability (and what $ your transfer) this will get you a net of oranges, bag of apples, box of berries, jar of honey (min $10 for the honey).


You can trial the co op for a month to see if it’s for you. If you decide to join, a membership fee is $30 is payable and this covers co-op maintenance costs, admin, etc. The fee is transferred to the same account but make a note in your description, eg “34BrunswickStjoining”


After joining, you will be put on a sorting roster to help sort once every couple of months. Sorting takes less than 30 minutes and you will have another household there to help you. Sorting happens at the Brunswick host house at 6pm on Thursdays. We also occasionally also have co-op meetings (around once every 3-6 months) to make collective decisions about the co-op. Attendance at these meetings isn’t mandatory but it is the best way to meet the other households and have a say in how the co-op is run.

Keen to start?

Just email your contact details (address, phone number, email address) to and you will be set to start ordering!

Please email if you have further questions.

Happy organic eating!


Secretary, Moreland Vegie Co-op

* I have removed the address for privacy reason, please contact Margarita at the co-op if you are interested in joining to get the bank account details and address for pick up.

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  1. I am really excited to try this out! Get my first box this week!


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