Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup - London and Brighton Edition

I'm rushing to write this at an internet cafe in Luton. So perhaps I will forget a few things. There are 2 tweenie kids busking singing Beatles songs that are melting my icy heart into a puddle of love. This trip has been exhausting but I've spent wonderful time with friends mainly communing, comiserating and loving over food. This is now being finished in The Circus Hostel in Berlin, it took me all day to get here but its soooo worth it.



It was awesome to see a modern play that was well written, magnificently executed and had tonnes of money in the production. The lead, Samuel West was astonishing as Jeffrey Skilling and the back up all singing and dancing cast were amazing. The other leads I thought were pretty terrible. I also saw John Cleese which totally made me squeal. If you are heading to London I highly recommend seeing it (there is going to be a New York production too).

Into-You Tattoo
I got my half sleeves finally finished at the place that started it all. I see Lucy and she is super talented and lovely. Great tattoo studio in Clerkenwell.

Celeste Bousiuer at the Barbican

Serious one of the most beautiful art installations I've ever experienced. Grown adults grinning at each other like loons with child like glee. I want to live there. I was concerned about the welfare about the finches but they live a great life (if not in an artificial environment).

The Tate Modern
One of my favourite galleries in the world. I went through all 6 floors but the paid exhibition Van Doesburg was toe curlingly beautiful. I need to post photos at some point Iäm jsut not that organised at the moment.

The Woman in Black

OH MY GOD this is one of those West End shows that have been playing for a million years. It was SUPER CAMP, I loved every second of it.


The most screwed up movie I've seen since Bad Boy Bubby. Says it all really.


The Ivy
Gallipoli Bazaar
The Tate Modern
Itadaki Zen
6 St Chads Place
Root Master

Twickenham - UK
Pincho Tapas Restaurant

Grubbys Burgers

Seriously too many to remember, you will see them coming through in the next couple of weeks. I will write about the Ivy because I didnt take any photos so there wont be a separate post for it.

The Ivy - London

Id been to the Ivy before when I was living in London, though I was only vegetarian then. I rang to let them know a vegan was going to be coming in and the waiter was kind of silent pause on the phone, which caused me to blather on 'usually the chef appreciates it when I call and let the kitchen staff know' he said there was a vegan menu so not to worry. Well the vegetarian menu had one vegan option on it, a witlof salad with a light dressing (seriously their only vegan option was witlof leaves with dressing) it too a lot of going back and forth with the waiter to get something for me to eat (ended up being the risotto with no cheese). Although the food is not that expensive at the Ivy (well not what I would expect I was thinking 30 pound mains but they're all about 15) I was really disappointed to have to go through the same routine of trying my hardest to find something to eat. I would have thought the amount of anorexic 'skinny bitch' celebrities that go there would have made it a better place for a vegan. Anyway I wont harp on, the service is flawless and my date was as charming as usual. Just shows me that sticking to vegetarian restaurants is the best for me.

6 St Chads Place

Think Thousand Pound Bend but with a Collins Quarter after work crowd. In a great area and would be a nice place to nip into if you were waiting for someone.

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