Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup x Deux - London, Berlin, Edinburgh and Melbourne Edition

Well, things have been chaotic is Carla land. I'll try and keep this brief. I spent 10 days in London (with brief little side trips to Brighton and Richmond) then 5 days in Berlin then a weekend in Edinburgh and a brief 48 hours back in London to get my stuff then home. Phew. I'm exhausted. I ate so much amazing food in Europe I'm salivating looking at all the pictures. Well, onto the food, you will be seeing these posted over the coming weeks. As promised I will be doing twice daily posts to clear the backlog.


Berlin - Germany
Yellow Sunshine
Voner der Vegetarische Doner
Eve and Adams

Edinburgh - Scotland
The Baked Potato Shop
Pie Maker


Berlin. I'm going to lay it down. All my Euro friends bang on about how UHHHHHHH MAAAAZZZZIIIINNNNG Berlin is so I had high expectations. I was really super disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, Bill and I had a rad time we did some AWESOME stuff, saw some great art, some excellent architecture and over all had an awesome time. But it made me really homesick for Melbourne. It was like a cheaper, shittier version of Melbourne. Ahh Melbourne. I love you. I'm sure if you like smoking rocks and going to raves Berlin is your place. I think the best of Berlin would take place from 1am to 9am. I'm glad I went though and its definitely ticked off the list now. Recommendations (apart from the awesome food) everyone loves Kreutzberg as the 'alterna' area bladdy blah but Bill and I really loved Freidrichshain more. So I would suggest you go of course everywhere but pay more attention to Freidrichshain if you have to choose. The Reichstag is stunning. The Alernative Tour of Berlin is FANTASTIC and I would regard that as a MUST! (Toby and Kristys review here)

Edinburgh. Is. Stunning. What a beautiful city. I was only there for the weekend but had a blast. Went to the Scottish Museum (a must) and Arthurs Seat (also a must - the most amazing views of the city) and really just hung around with my friend Hannah taking it all in. I would love to go back and explore more next time! Scotland is just stunning. I want to do waaay more!

Well London, what can I say? I used to live there so I don’t know what to tell you to do its all there. Theatre, galleries, history, food. I'm thinking about moving back.

Melbourne. But of course within 36 hours of being in Melbourne I was at a gallery opening as part of a festival launch, watching a roof projection of a pulsating anus and thinking to myself there is no farking way I could ever leave this place. Nom nom kiss kiss snuggle snuggle Melbourne I love you. I think I'll have to find a way of making babies with a city. Surely it can be done yes? Next Wave is on kidlets. Go and roam free.

For posterity the films I saw while I was away (I keep track of them through this in order to do my end of year lists):

Banksys Exit Through the Gift Shop

Fucking. Amazing. A very Banksy take on himself, documentaries and the art world. 4.5/5

I Love You Philip Morris

This was also excellent. 4/5.

Its Complicated

Apart from the nauseating 'gal pal' dinner scenes this film was actually very cute and sharp (coming from an obviously bitter single woman that's a high compliment). Alec Baldwin is a God amongst men.

Shutter Island

I've heard quite a few 'meh' reviews about this film. I freaking LOVE Scorsese, The Departed was easily in my top ten films of the 2000s, so I was curious to still see this film after all the trash talk. Look, I figured out the entire film by about 1/4 of the way through its not that hard, the score is over the top and completely out of place and its pretty long but it captivated me. I really liked it. Yeah its not his best work but its still a very good film. 3.5/5.


  1. Thanks for the link love :-)

    Sorry you didn't heart berlin. I guess it depends what you compare it to, we were mainly comparing it to London and found the people friendlier and the food better and more interesting. Also loved all of the street art. I get what you mean about Melbourne though, I kept emphasising that 'Berlin even has a vegan supermarket' until someone reminded me that we have one too.

  2. thanks so much for the hot tips! they were great and I cant wait to do more of your london tips too.... dont get me wrong I had a great time in Berlin.. but I was expecting to go there and never want to leave... not to find out the reason why most Europeans love it is the 'cool bars' etc...


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